Have you ever had that gnawing feeling that something just isn't right, but you just couldn't pinpoint it? That normally is an internal indicator that you are not headed in a direction you will be happy with long-term.

For many the decision to pay attention to that feeling comes because it can no longer be ignored - normally in the midst of a difficult period in life. Through the hurt and pain we finally start to pay attention and get back on course. Any time it comes to making a decision that could alter some aspect of life, there are many contemplative moments associated with it. And plenty of second-guessing.

Here are three ways to know if you are not on the right path:

1. You are not at peace

Peace is that deep down gut feeling that everything is all right - and you are exactly where you should be in this moment. The absence of peace is also commonly referred to as being uneasy or "something just doesn't feel right." If you are not on your right path in some area of your life, even if you currently have everything you hoped for - the car, marriage, home, children, job - peace will be absent. Peace literally serves as an umpire to say, "Yes, this is safe or no, you are veering away from your true path."

When peace is missing it's designed to force you to stop and reevaluate what is going on in your life. Literally, you cannot rest until you figure it out. You will remain in a constant state of unrest until you address all areas that affect your path - relational, emotional, physical, mental, career, and spiritual.

2. Doors keep closing right in your face

Have you ever started in a direction you thought you should go, but it seems like you can't get a break? Things repeatedly fail. This is not the same as a little adversity or a few nos. If you are not on your right path, then doors closing acts as a blessing and a warning sign that you are headed in the wrong direction. Maybe the path you thought was right really is not the right one or the right timing. All those doors closing forces you to redirect to the right one if you are willing to be rerouted. Closed doors are simply a more gentle way of being rerouted versus allowing you to continue down a path that could possibly cause more harm than good.

3. There is no provision ever

Provision in this sense refers to anything you could possibly need to successfully continue on your path. This is not to say that everything is just handed to you when you are on your right path. But when you are on your right path, even if it comes down to the wire, a way is always made - provision always shows up even at the last possible second. When provision repeatedly isn't there, this is an indicator that you should reevaluate and do something different.

Listen to your gut and pay attention to the signs around you. Paying attention early and often, can alert you to when you are on the wrong path in life.

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