We are granted one day out of the year to devote to our mothers. In my opinion, Mother's Day should be celebrated every day. Nevertheless, why not make that one day special? Many of us are accustomed to sending mom a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which is a wonderful gesture. This year, we should consider doing something unexpected and unique for mom; something that would demonstrate our gratitude for everything she has done.

A few years ago, my sister and I decided that we needed to boost Mother's Day. We felt that saying "I Love You, Mom." Or, "Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for everything you do," were not enough. Therefore, we created a list of things our mother loves to do and things she would love to have. Every year, we choose something from the list and make it come to life. For example, instead of purchasing a card at the store, my sister and I crafted our own. We each wrote a personal message in the card and attached a family picture. Mom was surprised and impressed with our originality. Another year, we decided to surprise mom by taking her on a shopping spree at one of her preferred stores. Whatever mom wanted or needed, it was hers. We felt she deserved to be spoiled.

Mothers do not ask for anything in return for their limitless love and admiration for their children. All they want is happiness for their children. However, we should let our moms know they are appreciated and truly loved. Their hard work should never be overlooked.

Below are just a few ideas my sister and I came up with for our mother on Mother's Day:

Put together a Mother's Day gift basket

The gift basket should include any of your mother's desired items such as lipstick, body lotion, perfume - anything that will make your mother feel exceptional.

Celebrate Mother's Day with a party at your house, or at mom's favorite restaurant

Organize a party for your mother by inviting family members, old and new friends; people your mom has not seen in many years. This will allow her to reconnect with family and friends. Perhaps, you can celebrate Mother's Day for more than one mom that evening. Make it festive.

Create a personalized Mother's Day card

Instead of purchasing a card at the store, try creating one that reads emotion and tenderness. Express how much you love and appreciate her. Make it personal. Even though you may be busy and may not have the time to say certain things to your mother, let her know in the message that her devotion and motherly advice will always remain close to your heart.

Present Mom with a family portrait

Make the portrait memorable. Make sure to include her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren - even pets. This way, every time mom passes the foyer or enters the living room she sees her adoring family.

Surprise mom with a gift certificate to an all-day spa or a weekend getaway

Mothers rarely have time for themselves. They are so focused on taking care of everyone around them that they put themselves last. Therefore, give mom a day or weekend of relaxation and pampering.

Present mom with specialized jewelry

It would be a sweet gesture to have your mother's name along with the names of her children inscribed on a pendant or bracelet. Or, present her with matching earrings and necklace with her birth gemstone.

While it's important to show your mom love and appreciation every day, why not take the time on this Mother's Day to celebrate the woman who spends much of her time celebrating you. Mother's Day is May 12.

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