We've all been there - wondering what that odor is coming from your children...or yourself. Convincing - or forcing - your kids to bathe or finding a spare moment to shower yourself isn't always easy, but it is necessary if you want to keep high, or even moderate, hygiene standards.

A perfect parody of "Uptown Funk" entitled, "Two Day Funk" will have moms laughing as they can personally relate to the stinky situation. This mom parody by Laughing Moms is cleverly worded while accurately assessing the need for a bath.

"The Two day funk is up, you smell like a skunk. You need to wash up, before I go throw up (2x) Come on kids, jump in it If you're dirty then wash it If you're stanky then own it Don't brag about it, I know it Come on kids, jump in it Fast like a New York minute"

Can you relate to their words?

Stinky feet, bad breath, greasy hair and grimy bodies call for some scrubbing. Though, it can sometimes be quite difficult to get kids to agree and be willing participants. To make it more enjoyable for younger children, you may want to try bath toys, bathtub crayons, colored soaps or bubbles or maybe even let them wear a bathing suit in the bath. Some families use some sort of sticker reward chart to help kids desire to get clean.

Of course, kids sure like to play in the dirt. The good news is, it's good for them, too. Read "Why kids and mud are the perfect pair."

If you're struggling to get your kids through the "kid wash" after their dirt-filled escapades, read these "6 tips to make getting clean a not-so-dirty job."

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