Easter is a magical time. Though we center our Easter around Christ we also use the month to spend time with our family playing games and creating memories. We would like to share some of our Easter fun with you. Crafts are a great part of Easter. They can be simple or very elaborate depending on the age of your child or the patience of your family. Here are some suggestions for some Easter fun. This yummy treat can be completed by kids of all ages. Take a bunny shaped Peep and insert a sucker stick into the bottom. Next melt some dipping chocolate in a bowl in the microwave. Follow the directions on the package closely so you don't scorch the chocolate. Then have your kids dip their bunny in the chocolate and place on a cookie sheet to cool. Finally, place a mini marshmallow on the bunny for a tail using a dab of frosting.

I remember making these fun eggs when I was a child. You will need yarn, a bag of water balloons, water, flour, and time. First blow up the water balloons to the size you want. Then, mix equal ratios of water and flour, add more water while whisking to prevent clumps until you have a glue the consistency of craft glue. Next dip your length of yarn in the glue and slowly pull your yarn out while running it through your fingers to get rid of the excess. Wrap the yarn around the balloon making sure to criss cross for stability. Let your balloons dry overnight. When completely dry, carefully pop the balloon and you will have an amazing lacy egg! Cut a hole in one side and fill your egg with Easter grass and treats. We love this one, but remember to start at least 10-12 days before Easter if you want to use it on Easter day. You will need quick-growing grass seed, potting soil and a small pot or a basket. All you need to do is help your child fill the pot with soil and sprinkle the grass seed on top. Follow the watering directions on the grass seed bag to keep your grass moist while it grows. If you want to place the grass in a basket, grow in a small plastic saucer that has at least a 1 inch lip around it.

We love this one. It has become a tradition. We plant the kids' eggs and have a kids' hunt. Then the kids and dads check out their loot while the women hide the "Man eggs." We fill these eggs with silly putty, add a few Nerf guns and have a golden egg with money in it. Then we line the men up with their pretty manly baskets and blow the whistle. It can be great fun to watch them push, shove and make a mess of everything while trying to find the eggs. We recommend this as an outdoor game if you prize the possessions in your house. This is fun for little kids. We line the kids up and give them each a pillow case or other suitable bag. Trash bags work well, too. Essentially, this is a bag race - with a catch. As the kids are hopping, they must stop to pick up the Easter eggs. The person to cross the finish line with the most eggs, wins. This classic game is played when a raw egg, or boiled if you don't want the mess, is placed on a spoon and raced across a field to a partner who takes the egg on his own spoon and races back. Rules are, you cannot touch the egg with your hands. This is great for older kids. For the younger toddlers, we use cotton balls in measuring cups which is easier to hold for the toddlers who want to play. This game can be played by everyone and is hysterical. We used colored, boiled eggs, but you can use plastic eggs, as well. The rule is, you can use any part of your face, but nothing else, to roll your egg across the room. First one across the finish line wins. Use your plastic eggs for clues in this egg-citing game! Each clue leads to another egg hidden somewhere, until the last clue leads to the treasure. We love to play this Sunday afternoon and have the treasure be a small picture of Christ with a note and a treat. After your fun and games, you will need a good treat. Here is a fun recipe to help you use up all your hard-boiled eggs:

12 hard-boiled eggs, peeled carefully

4 Tbs Mayo

2 tsp Dijon Mustard

1/4 tsp ground pepper

1/4 tsp salt


Carefully cut your eggs in half lengthwise, pop out the yolks and place in a mixing bowl. Lay the whites on a platter yolk side up. Mix the egg yolks with the mayo, mustard, pepper and salt. Make sure to mix well. Spoon or pipe the mixture back into the egg whites, sprinkle with a little paprika. You can dress it up with green onions, bacon, or whatever you like with your eggs.

If you are Christian and would like to include the Bible story of Easter in your celebration, you can find the story in the New Testament. Review the story and tell it to small children. Older children can read and discuss the following scriptures with you, Matthew 27: 31-54, Matthew 28: 1-8, John 20: 11-31. This Easter, grow closer as a family and celebrate with love.

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