Parents have a lot to learn from these dads who are as creative as they come. Their ideas are going to make parenting a lot more easy (and fun!).

1. Use a vacuum to make the perfect ponytail

2. Let them "play" your video games with you

3. Use a rope to push the swing in comfort

4. Disguise fruit as French fries to get the kids to eat up

5. Put fighting children in one of your T-shirts to make arguments disappear

6. Create a remote-controlled stroller

7. Warm a bottle in whatever you have cooking on the stove

Warming bottle in my curry... #likeyado #dadhacks #multitasking

A photo posted by Katherine Saunier (@talkstostars) on

8. Use a drill to sharpen pencils

One of my favorite parts of back to school... #back2school #dadhacks #powerdrillftw

A photo posted by Jeff Cook (@j3ffc00k) on

9. Put an iPad in a ziploc bag to keep kids quiet in the car

Oh yes I did! #dadhack #lifehack #shorttermsolutions

A photo posted by DannyBoomeOfficial (@dannyboomeofficial) on

10. Use a rake to make s'mores for the whole family

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