Having a burning desire to be with another person simply for the sense of security and the feeling of being desired should not be confused with genuine feelings.

In an article published by Dr. Sherman on Psychology Today, human relationships are based on the desire or lack of desire to be connected with another individual.

Relationships that are centered on the desire to remain committed and connected are considered stable. These couples enjoy spending all the time they can together without feeling overwhelmed or like the other is overly needy. According to Dr. Sherman, unstable relationships occur when one feels more nostalgic than the other, or when one feels connected and the other feels disconnected.

There is no way to force someone to miss you or feel a certain way about you, but there are some ways to connect with someone that can possibly make them desire you once again. Maybe he will not fall in love, but it is likely he will miss your company if you apply these few tips:

1. Be friendly

Friendship is one of the easiest ways to connect with someone regardless of the relationship (parents, children, husband, wife or just a friend). Friendship is something that is built; a good way to show that you are his friend is to remain optimistic and always willing to help. Friends are usually around during the good, bad and ugly moments of their life.

2. Look in his eyes

When you are talking to him, look into his eyes. This signifies you are looking to create a greater connection between the two of you. Eye contact also shows that you care and are paying attention to what he says.

3. Give him space

According to Dr. Sherman an unstable relationship is when one of the two individuals feels suffocated by the other and has the impression that the other is overly needy. Counter this by giving him space. Let him figure out what he needs and when he is ready, he will come back to you.

4. Play hard to get but not too hard...

Men hate to admit it but they love the chase of attracting women; the mystery of getting to know each other is fun and enticing to them. Likewise, too much of a chase is a turn off as well. Be honest with him about your thoughts and feelings but leave some things for him to guess. This will leave a space for him to be intrigued by you and wanting to come back for more.

5. Have fun and smile

A man is more likely to feel nostalgic and longing towards a woman that was cheerful and bright. If the last time you spoke you barely uttered a word, it may have read as an "I'm not interested" sign. Let loose and be energetic in conversation. It will surely have him missing you and your optimistic magnetism once again.

This article has been translated and adapted from the original,

"5 maneiras infalíveis de fazer com que ele sinta sua falta."

It was originally published on Familia.com.br.

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