All relationships go through ups and downs on more than one occasion. In a worst-case scenario, this leads to estrangement and even breakups. But all of that could be avoided if we took the time to analyze the situation and find an alternative solution, rather than blowing it out of proportion and giving up on the relationship.

Although some say that there is no recovering when love disappears, I am one of the many people who believe that, while there are ashes, there is always time to rekindle the love.

With a little effort, you too can detect when your relationship is becoming heated and develop a strategy to return to the tropical paradise of loving and being loved by him. So do not be discouraged and read these eight signs to help you see when the love in your relationship needs a boost:

1. They stop reaching for your hand

One day you wake up, leave your home with your significant other and you notice something you never thought you would see. You have no contact with each other but are walking side by side. You no longer hold hands as you cross the street like you once did.

2. There is no goodbye

When you're in love, you often take the time to call him just to know how he is or to tell him you miss him. He sends you romantic text messages, a letter with a heart inside or a picnic basket with a surprise lunch date. But when love diminishes, these gestures stay in the past.

3. Passionate kisses are a thing of the past

This is one of the most obvious symptoms. When passionate kisses have turned into a kiss on the cheek or forehead, the heat he once had for you has diminished. You are no longer looking to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest kiss.

4. You are no longer a priority

It does not have to be anything elaborate, but when love is present, there is a constant desire to impress, be romantic and spend time together. Even if you are super busy, a man in love will try and plan a date for you any day he can. When he stops making plans with you, and keeps you out of his schedule, then he may need to be reminded of his love for you.

5. The word frustration is your new best friend

You spend a lot of time with your best friend, and once you are married, your spouse quickly takes on the role of best friend. If you are now constantly angry and annoyed at what he is doing, then frustration is probably creeping into the best friend slot. When you are constantly arguing, there is no doubt that the flame of your love is dwindling.

6. The look is harder to see

No words are needed; just a look and you know what your spouse is thinking. If you do not recognize the way he looks at you anymore, your love may be in trouble. When love is in crisis, not only does the frequency of these special looks decrease, but your ability to understand their body language and what they are really feeling diminishes as well.

7. Your bed has become a cold place

If you are happy together, you know what each side of the bed feels like. The physical demonstrations of love are cooled down immensely when contention has taken over the bedroom.

8. The time together is a martyrdom

When you do not enjoy the time you spend together and notice yourself wishing you were with someone else, the joy in your relationship has officially been lost. The love you used to have for your spouse has literally ended and it is time to move on.

How many of these signs can you see in your relationship? Do not worry. If you detect it soon enough and take the time to rekindle the flame of love, you can still have yourself a long-lasting marriage.

This article has been adapted and translated from the original,"8 señales de que la llama del amor se está apagando" which was published on

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