Most of us grew up believing we would find our one true love. We were told we would feel like we were "made for each other," that we would "complete each other," and that we would be each other's "better half."

So here is the big question, how do you know if the person you currently love was made for you?

Here is a list of ten signs you and your lover are truly meant to be:

1. I love you is constantly on the tip of your tongue

"I love you" is constantly threatening to slide off your tongue when you are together. You can't imagine not saying it, you have to say it and you want to say it.

2. His problems feel like your own

When he is sad, you are sad. When he is happy, you are happy. Empathy has helped create a strong emotional link between the two of you, and it only helps you draw closer together as a couple. As he experiences trials and hardships, together you weather the storm and deal with the trying times. You enjoy the rollercoaster of life together.

3. You compliment each other daily

There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't tell you how beautiful you are and you remind him how sweet he is for always thinking about you. It is a constant battle between the two of you on who can be kinder to the other.

4. You are all in—no matter what

Giving up is not in your vocabulary. When things get tough, you both strap on your boxing gloves and fight back as one. Even when you fight with each other, you do it in such a way that you both end up feeling edified and on more steady ground with each other.

5. You adore the smallest things about each other

Instead of questioning their little quirks and mannerisms, you fall in love with them. He finds your snort-filled chuckle adorable and you fawn over the way he runs his fingers through his hair. And, oh boy! Every time he winks at you across the hall, you melt a little inside. It's the little things that get you.

6. Your weaknesses are his strengths

You complement each other. You finally understand the phrase "you complete me." Together you make the ultimate team that can take on any task thrown at you.

7. There are zero alternatives

You cannot fathom developing a relationship with anyone else. It's your lover or no lover at this point.

8. You talk about anything and everything

There is absolutely nothing you wouldn't say or bring up in front of your sweetheart. You are a complete open book when it comes to love, your life, your struggles, your faith, hopes and dreams. Every topic of conversation is fair game and that is what makes your relationship work. Together you have created an environment that thrives on the genuine trust and respect.

9. Being away from each other kills you

You know you are meant to be when feeling of coming home changes from a place to a person. When he is next to you, you feel strong and whole. It's hard to explain, but together just feels right.

10. You laugh at the same things

Laughing is one of the greatest sounds in the world, but nothing beats enjoying an inside joke or hilarious situation together. Whether it's laughing at your embarrassing fall the other day, singing extrememly out of tune in your car or your ridiculous attempt at recreating Beyonce's "Single Ladies" dance, laughing is one of your favorite things to do together.

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