If you're anything like me, the grey skies and stormy weather are only enjoyable for so long. I crave the warm sunshine of summer and when the winter hits, it can be hard to keep myself positive and healthy. For many people, winter can be a tough time dealing with feeling down, depressed or anxious. It is important during these times that we don't forget to take good care of ourselves.

This is a great list to keep on hand and add to as you go through down times during the winter season. Take what works for you and scratch off the things that don't. Everyone is different - find what works best for you!

1. Take a vitamin D supplement

You can pick it up at any local drug or grocery store. Take it consistently to help raise your vitamin D levels.

2. Try yoga

There are tons of other great videos for anxiety and stress on YouTube.

3. Meditate

Sometimes just being still and connecting to your breath can help release the heaviness and negativity that creeps in during this time of year.

4. Talk to someone

You're not alone! There are tons of people who find this time of year to be difficult. Reach out and find a support system.

5. Drink warm tea

Wrap yourself in a big blanket and curl up with a warm cup of tea. It's relaxing and comforting! I love to unwind in the evening with a caffeine-free tea.

6. Get outside when you can

Weather often makes this difficult during the winter, but find a moment to step outside between stormy weather or watch the rainfall from your porch. Fresh air is game changer.

7. Read a good book

Reading is a great way to occupy your mind and keep it from dwelling on the negative.

8. Listen to positive, upbeat music

Music has an incredible way of changing your mood. Turn it up and dance it out!

9. Know yourself

Pay attention to the times you tend to feel the most down and make it a habit to do something positive during that time.

10. Exercise

It's hard to get moving when you feel down or it's too stormy to go outside. Find a workout video on YouTube or do jumping jacks while watching your favorite TV show. Do something to get your body moving.

11. Eat healthy

This requires planning ahead. When you're depressed or down, you often don't have the energy to cook a big meal. Plan ahead and have healthy food on hand.

12. Go with the flow

Know that each day will be different and that's OK.

13. Be kind to yourself

Try not to get upset with yourself but instead, allow yourself to feel what you're feeling and tend to it in a nurturing and caring manner. Be easy on yourself.

14. Stay hydrated

Drinking water helps your body to stay healthy and keeps your energy levels up. Try to keep a water bottle on hand at all times.

15. See a doctor

Don't be afraid to ask for help if you feel like you need it. You are not alone and there is no shame in reaching out. Sometimes taking good care of yourself means letting someone else help.

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