Let's face it: Most families have more bad family photos than good ones. Even with the continual advance of image-editing software, the perfect family photo remains nothing more than a whimsical myth. Chocolate-only diets are easier to come by than this unattainable prize craved by every wife and mother.

It's for this very reason that your current family picture has been on your wall for the last 12 years. Everyone has since grown at least nine inches - either in height or waistline (curse you chocolate diets). But it was a decent family picture and every attempt since has failed miserably; so there it stays.

Here are 10 photos that perfectly capture some common family photo fails. At the very least, these provide tangible proof that your family isn't the only one who can't take a decent photo together.

1. When that pose looked way more awkward than you imagined

2. When your victory pyramid ends in defeat

3. When Dad makes everyone represent his favorite sports team

By #Favre the coolest Mom there is, Happy Mothers Day! ???? #gopackgo #awkwardfamilyphotos

A photo posted by steven tralongo (@stralongo) on

4. When the kids insist on having their toys in the picture

5. When there's that one family member who always turns the other way

6. When maybe one person is looking

7. When they're single but you still have to include them

8. When you thought matching Christmas sweaters was a good idea

Merry Horne Christmas #awkwardfamilypic

A photo posted by Jonah Horne - Falmouth, UK ? (@jonah_horne) on

9. When you decided to try a themed photo

#familymugshots #rotfl #lmao #wth #wtf #lol #awkwardfamilyphoto #awkwardfamilyphotos #mugshots #sexymugshots

A photo posted by Stephan Keshavarz (@stephan1542) on

10. When you went back in time

The Andrew's family #western #westernfamily #family #portaventura

A photo posted by Virginia Moll (@virginiamoll) on

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