Is your closet overflowing with old t-shirts you never wear? If you're holding onto your old t-shirts for sentimental reasons, here are 10 creative ways to repurpose and upcycle your t-shirts to get the most use out of them:

1. Quilt

Turn your favorite old t-shirts into a quilt. Whether they're t-shirts you acquired during college or bought at your favorite concerts, a t-shirt quilt will help you preserve the memories behind each one. Most of all, it will be the best thing to keep you warm on cold nights.

2. Pillows

Finished #tshirtpillow plus a tutorial on how to make your own on the blog today.

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A fun way to put your favorite t-shirts on display is to repurpose them into pillows. A fun, colorful t-shirt as a pillow will add nice charm to your home.

3. Rag rug

For those old t-shirts that you don't care for much, you can do all sorts of crafts with, like this rag rug. Cut up your old t-shirts and turn it into a bright, artistic masterpiece which will be a fun, fanciful addition to your home's decoration.

4. Bracelet

My fav so far. This is fun! #diyjewelry #tshirtbracelet #upcycle #crafty

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Need some new bling? A t-shirt bracelet will do the trick and make you stand out. With one t-shirt you can make a whole bunch of bracelets to share with your friends that they are sure to love.

5. Headband

Make cute headbands out of your favorite t-shirts. Each one is unique and there are hundreds of different headbands you could make that look good not only on little girls, but you too! Headbands are for people of all ages and are very fashionable.

6. Scarf

Everyone loves a cute scarf. A t-shirt scarf will be a unique addition to your fall and winter attire. When you wear it out on the town you'll be surprised how many compliments you get. The best part is that no one will have the same scarf because you made it!

7. Bag

T-shirt bag #recyclequeen

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A DIY t-shirt bag will be the best thing you ever make. Use it to carry books home from the library, to carry groceries, and anything else you can think of. Everyone needs a cute bag, and with this one, you'll be able to proudly wear and display your favorite t-shirt everywhere you go.

8. New cut

You still want to wear your old t-shirt but the cut bothers you. There are many different ways to cut up your old t-shirt and turn it into something you'll actually wear that looks super cute. This woman turned her form fitting t-shirt into a cute, loose blouse that she'll probably wear much more often. Pinterest is full of different DIY ideas for how to upcycle your old t-shirt into something cuter.

9. Dog toy

For your best friend in the whole world, turn your old t-shirts into a chew toy that your dog will love. You'll be able to play more with your pal and it will become your dog's favorite new toy.

10. Baby onesie

Your baby will look absolutely adorable in your old t-shirt. It may not be something you wear anymore but your baby will give your old shirt new life.


The anatomy of a t-shirt-

There are so many different things you can do with a t-shirt; this is only a small list of ideas. Before you throw away your old t-shirts, give them a second look with an eye for creativity and turn them into something amazing.

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