White easter bunny house traditional decoration for Easter

Easter shoppers seem to be putting a bunch of eggs in their baskets.

According to the National Retail Federation, analysts predict that Americans will spend about $17.3 billion in total on Easter gifts this year, with everyone spending $146 on average. This is quite a jump from last year's numbers when Americans spent $16.4 billion and only $140 on average.

"Retailers are beginning one of their busiest times of year and are more than ready as consumers shop for spring essentials," NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. "Shoppers will find promotions on a number of items on their lists, from Easter baskets to sports equipment, home goods, garden tools and more."

The NRF said Americans will spend their money on a variety of items, including $2.7 billion on gifts alone. Most will flock to discount stores where as about 40 percent will head to department stores and another 24.7 percent will go to small businesses for gifts.

And, of course, online shopping will see an increase in consumers, too.

"Easter is a traditional holiday that consumers of all ages and on all budget levels celebrate with family and friends," Prosper Principal Analyst Pam Goodfellow said. "Consumers have longs lists of items they need to get their spring off to a good start. Smart shoppers plan to compare prices, research the items on their lists and take advantage of promotions on things like apparel and candy."

It turns out many Americans enjoy spending money on their spouses. A study published back in January found that thriftiness isn't considered when spouses shop for their partner. In fact, many partners view expensive items more favorably than inexpensive items overall, the study found.

Still, experts say that money isn't everything when you buy a gift for the people you love. It may matter more in the beginning stages of a relationship, but long term and married couples shouldn't put too much value on price, according to The Huffington Post.

"The longer you are together, the more you want other kinds of factors in the gift - you want someone to write your own card, to discover what's really important to you," Dr. Terri Orbuch told The Huffington Post.

But money may be important to you since you don't want to break the bank. To help, here's a list of 10 items you can find on Amazon for less than $3.27 (since Easter falls on March 27, or 3/27).

'Peppa's Easter Egg Hunt' (Peppa Pig) - $3.17

This is a silly little children's book that will help bring the mood of Easter into your home.

'Hoppy Clubhouse Easter' (Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) (Kindle version) - $2.99

You and your spouse may want to share a fun night in on Easter. To do so, buy this fun Mickey Mouse book that tells a bunch of Easter stories, including all your favorite Disney characters.

Plush Easter chick - $2.35

Who wouldn't want to cuddle next to their significant other with this plush chick staring at you?

'Pinkalicious: Eggstraordinary Easter' (audible version) - $1.95

Maybe your spouse is sick of reading children's books. So buy them this book on audio. Audio books are the cool new thing anyway. Way to be trendy.

Here's a summary of the book, directly from Amazon:

"When Pinkalicious wakes up on Easter morning, she finds a note from Edgar Easter Bunny that sends the Pinkerton family on an eggsciting Easter scavenger hunt!"

Yeah. That just happened.

'The Gift of Easter: 14 Days of Devotions: 14 Days of Devotions' (Kindle version) - $1.99

For Easter, make your spouse a promise that you'll learn more about religion, whether it's for your personal religious beliefs or to understand faith more.

This book, available on Kindle for $1.99, teaches readers about various biblical lessons, all while using the New International Version of the Bible. It's an easy way to help you understand some of God's stories.

Chocolate-Scented Plush Stuffed Easter Bunny Rabbit - $1.34

You can't go wrong with this traditional bunny. It'll be a perfect toy to snuggle with on Easter, and can be used for decoration throughout the Easter season.

'The Wonderful World of Fairy Gardens Presents: Eliza The Easter Fairy' (Kindle version) - $0.99

This will be the perfect gag Easter gift, and definitely something that could lighten the mood between partners. As the title suggests, this book is a simple fairy tale about fairies, including Eliza the Easter Fairy, traveling together. Your spouse and your children will surely love it.

'Easter Spot-the-Differences' (Dover Little Activity Books) - $1.99

Have another fun night in with your family by going over some of these brain teasers and puzzles. Sure, they're meant for children, but you and your spouse can also get a crack out of trying to solve these amazing teasers and riddles. It's like "Where's Waldo?" - but for Easter!

'Easter Eggs Sticker Activity Book' (Dover Little Activity Books Stickers) - $1.63

If you don't want to spot the differences in the book above, then just play around with some sticker games with this sticker activity book. You can apply your stickers to the page, or even put fun and fancy designs on eggs to bring a custom element to the book, too.

'The Original Slinky Brand Collector's Edition Metal Original Slinky' (collectible) - $0.99

Sure, buying this Slinky full price will set you back $6, but there are some used versions for less than a dollar. Check it out.

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