We all go about our daily lives not even realizing the mind-blowing things around us. These posts illuminate just a few crazy facts you've probably never considered.

1. Does this mean they're always watching?

2. Yet another reason to steer clear of a blue whale

3. That's cool, but I still don't like candy corn

4. Seems like a waste of time, but it's necessary

Does this mean on average a person is 6 months late for work? #outrageous #facts #crazyfacts #insane #fact #outrageousfacts

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5. The circle of life just got real

6. Size is deceiving

Tag someone who loves animals! Photo: @nerdy_bird92

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7. Does anyone else feel pretty microscopic right now?

8. That's insane

#fact #science #crazyfacts

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Those are crazy things to consider. The earth, universe and all the creations with in it are amazing. You are one of them. Remember how mind-blowingly amazing you are, too.

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