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Pregnancy is so exciting, and the first person you'll want to tell the happy news to is your husband. After that, you get to tell your family. You get to tell your siblings they're going to be aunts or uncles, and you get to tell your parents they'll be grandparents. It's a special time for everyone, and it's so much fun to tell people in a unique way.

If you're looking for ways to break the news that you're pregnant, here are a few ideas to spark your creativity:

1. Give a gift

When your family is gathered together, give a little gift to your parents and have everyone watch them open it. Give your mom a cute little necklace that says "Grandma," and give your dad a shirt that says "Grandpa." It's straightforward, and they'll be so excited.

2. Carve a pumpkin

If you're announcing your pregnancy during the fall season, tell everyone with a pumpkin message! All you'll need are two big pumpkins and one small one. On one big pumpkin, paint your husband's name. On the other big pumpkin, write your name and carve out a circle in the middle. Then place the small pumpkin inside! It's an adorable way to share your exciting news.

3. Have a tea party

Invite your family over for a tea party and write your message at the bottom of their mug. When they're finished with their beverage, they'll see the exciting surprise!

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4. Give them a cute bear

This doubles as a fun date for you and your hubby and a darling pregnancy announcement. Go to Build-A-Bear, stuff the bear and dress it in baby clothes. Then when you make the birth certificate, write "Baby Coming ..." and then write the due date. Make sure your whole family is around when you give it to your parents so everyone can join in on the excitement.

5. Take a picture

When your whole family gets together, suggest taking a group picture. When you're about to take it, say, "Everyone say, 'I'm having a baby!'" and snap a picture of their reactions. It'll be a hilariously adorable picture and a fun way to preserve the moment.

6. Use your other child

If you're pregnant for a second time, involve your other child in the announcement. Write on a t-shirt, "Only Child, Expiring ..." then write your due date. Have them wear it to a family party and see how long it takes people to figure it out.

7. Buy (or make) a Christmas ornament

If you're planning on announcing during the holidays, give your family a christmas ornament that says "Baby coming ..." and have your due date on it. They'll be overjoyed!

8. Give everyone flowers

Have your family over and give everyone a bundle of flowers to take home. Tie them together and attach a note that says "You're going to be a grandma!" or "You're going to be an uncle!" This is a fun way to give everyone an individual surprise, and it'll be so fun to wait for everyone's reactions.

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9. Tell everyone individually

If you want everyone to have their own little moment, tell them individually. You'll be able to have a special moment with all of your siblings and your parents, and it'll be so special for everyone involved.

10. Give them a book

Pick your favorite baby book and write a note in the cover. Address the note to grandma and grandpa, then write "Please read this to me (on the due date)," then write "Love, Baby (last name)." Everyone will see their reactions and be ecstatic.

No matter how you tell your family you're pregnant, they're sure to be so excited for you.

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