Everyone receives blessing in his or her life. Most of us recognize the blessings we receive and are thankful for them and wish for more. For some it is more difficult to recognize the blessings because they may fail to see them. But there are some blessings that God never wants you to forget.

We are His children that He loves

Perhaps, the number one blessing is knowing God is our Heavenly Father who loves each of us. Knowing we have a loving Father in Heaven should help us remember He is there for us through every trial we go through. Most of our earthly fathers are our heroes, and we love them very much. Heavenly Father is the same way, and we should never forget His love, truly an eternal blessing.


The mere fact that there are hundreds and thousands of flowers for us to smell and enjoy - roses, peonies, bluebells, daisies, lilies and a zillion others. What a blessing it is to walk down the road, pass people's gardens, hike in the mountains in the spring and summer, and visit planted gardens. All of the colors and varieties show that God loves flowers, too, and wants us to enjoy them as He does.

Second chances and His son

When you think about all the second chances one receives, you breathe a sigh of relief and whisper, "Thank you!" Without the chance to try again, we would be truly distraught and anguished. These second and third chances only come as a result of the incredible blessing of His son's sacrifice, through which we may repent of our sins and become whole again. Often, when we make mistakes, we believe we can do nothing about it. In our lives, when we do not do what Heavenly Father wants us to do, we distance ourselves from Him. His son's love and sacrifice allows us to come back into His presence and feel of His and His son's warmth and spirit.


What a blessing to have agency in order for us to choose for ourselves what we want to do. Thankfully, He has given us guidance and commandments to help us along the way. Knowing the difference between right and wrong will always guide us to choose well.

Each breath we take

Often we take breathing for granted until we go somewhere where breathing is difficult. Many of us have risen early in the morning and hiked into the mountains. There the air is cleaner, more whole and more enjoyable. Each morning, walk outside and take a deep breath. Not only do you feel the wonder of life, but you also help the oxygen flow to your brain.

Modern-day conveniences

We cannot forget about the remarkable blessings of modern-day conveniences, such as washers and dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, iPhones, computers, cars and airplanes, and technology. These devices have made our lives easier and more pleasurable. And the amazing thing is this: We still are inventing new technologies that enhance our lives even more.


The joy we receive from families is enormous. Being part of a family unit is one of the biggest blessings we can receive.

Your body

Your body is a miracle! Think about talking, listening to a child's laughter, smelling lilacs in the spring, touching the floor when you get out of bed each morning, jumping and skipping. Bodies are just incredible. Even as we grow older, we can continue to take care of them, and they will serve us well.

His phrase, "I am always with you."

Nothing is more comforting than this phrase, especially during times of challenges, heartache and hurt. Loneliness is a scary thing, and many people feel it. Once we understand the true meaning of "I am always with you," we will finally know that no matter what the situation, He will be there to comfort us, cry with us, laugh with us and sit by us - always!

We can love

Love is an incredible responsibility we all have to share, and Heavenly Father has given His love to us to do so. The irony is this: The more love we share, the more love we have in our hearts for others. And the more love we have in our hearts, the happier we become. Happy, loving people are exuberant.

There is a phrase in a church hymn that reads,

"Count your blessings; Name them one by one. Count your blessings; See what God hath done."

When we do count our blessings, we will definitely see that God has blessed us all greatly and does not want us to forget these blessings and any other blessings that may come to us.

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