Everyone procrastinates from time to time. In fact, I procrastinated writing this. Whether it's something we don't really want to do, or we know how much work it's going to take, or we think we work better under a deadline, we have all wasted small (or large) amounts of time by procrastinating.

Chances are, you're procrastinating something right now while you read this article.

How many of these memes can you relate to?

1. So what if he's a musical genius? I can totally pull something off just like that

I have an excuse. #trombone #procrasination ~DropTheTenor

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2. Some of my best work has been done just like this

My week... Sound familiar @mrspurd ?? ? #studying #study #procrasination #postgradcourse

A photo posted by @thinkstrongnotskinny on

3. Totally just waiting for the wisdom to kick in

4. I would never do something like this ... closes quiz tab

my entire university career #strawberrypoptart #procrasination #skills

A photo posted by d a n i e l l e " ? (@daaniellenickel) on

5. I have five hours until task has to be done. plays on the internet for four hours and forty-five minutes

6. See? Tomorrow really is the best day to get it done

Ha. Truth. "There's always tomorrow" #tomorrow #quotes #motivation #procrasination #funnycozitstrue

A photo posted by Lexi (@lexings) on

7. Oh. you know, just procrastinating solving problems

8. This is some pretty sound logic

9. Think I could get paid for my "pro"fessional skills?

10. Procrastinators unite ... tomorrow!

All right, time to stop procrastinating and go be productive. Oh, look, another funny article to read! I'll get to work right after this one. Promise.

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