Where would we be without our sisters? While we sometimes have a love-hate relationship with them, we secretly know we couldn't get by without them. They were always a built-in best friend, a bodyguard and sometimes, you could get away with playing with her toys and raiding her closet.

Here are 10 quotes that will make you miss your sister and want to give her a call:

  1. As we grow older, our sister becomes our best friend. No matter how far we may live from each other, we will always have an inseparable bond.
  1. Sisters are always there to protect you and make you feel safe.
  1. Sisters are unstoppable when they work together.
  1. We were always siblings, but we became sisters by choice.
  1. Sisterhood always carries with it some sweet nostalgia.
  1. And we'll never be able to repay them for it.
  1. Sisters get each other through the rough times.
  1. Sisters always know how to make each other feel better.
  1. I'm grateful I always had a best friend with me.
  1. My sister has always been my greatest cheerleader.
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