If you love books, you probably also love libraries. It's a great way to read books for free (or try before you buy) and has many other important resources. Kids and adults can find something they will love reading because there are so many choices available.

Here are 10 thoughts about why libraries are THE place to be:

1. "When in doubt, go to the library."

2. Libraries make you look more "impressive."

3. When you realize how much effort it takes to make one book..

4. Beach library? Perfect vacation

5. Find the answers at your library

6. Libraries are the gatekeepers to other worlds

7. Don't we all? Yesssss

8. That moment when all your "on-hold" books at the library come in at the same time

9. Introduce a young mind to imagination, diversity and a love of reading at a library

10. The cure for boredom is at your library

What do you love about libraries?

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