Those who got married and took advantage of their first honeymoon, before children, bills, and the difficulties of life, remember with fondness the time they had.

Even if you think that, at this point in your relationship, a second honeymoon would be impossible, whether for lack of money, time, or desire of one of the spouses, go over the reasons below and learn just how important it is that you start planning some time alone with your love. Maybe even read them together to decide what you want to do.

1. Vacation

A man and a woman, when they start their life together, take upon themselves new roles like providers or parents. Sending the kids to stay with their grandparents or someone else who is trustworthy for a few days so you can rest from your endless tasks is good for your health, both individuals and the marriage.

2. Reconnect with each other

Similarly, the routine of a family tends to separate husband and wife, which is why a second honeymoon can become so important. It is an essential time where both spouses can rediscover what attracted them to their spouse in the first place. A second honeymoon will make it easier to revive caring, dedicate yourselves to each other and feel again the love you once felt.

3. A calm atmosphere to reorganize your priorities

A tight budget, mortgage payment, children, school, work, or a car that needs to be fixed can be obstacles in reviving the feelings of your first honeymoon. Somehow though, you can think of a place closer to home or more simple that will allow you time alone to focus on the relationship and on each other.

4. Rekindle the flame

Fondly remembering your courtship or first honeymoon with husband and wife can truly bring back the magic and help rekindle a flame that once burned strong.

5. Get to know each other a little better

Nothing is quite like being able to look into each other's eyes, sit and chat, rediscover your interests, tell childhood stories, or even visit important places from your past. Each of these activities will help invite your spouse into your life that much more.

6. Enjoy some time alone

Take advantage of these moments to hang out together and take care of each other. Even if the first few hours of conversation are about your children, daily problems, bills or work, don't give up! Enjoy each other's company. Lose yourself in your spouse. Rediscover the reason you fell in love in the first place.

7. Love is spelled T-I-M-E

For some couples, it's hard to even find a night to go to the movies together. Imagine a few days far away from the distractions of everyday life. If you cannot take a week off, at least try to separate a few days. If you can't do that, try 24 hours. If you can't do 24 hours, a few hours will do. What's important is that you dedicate as much time to your marriage as you do your other activities and obligations. Sometimes it has to be only 30 minutes daily without distractions, but if you both make an effort, the results will be just as or even more beneficial than a second honeymoon.

8. Search from within, not far away

You don't have to go far. Some couples like to relive their first honeymoon or something similar to make a second honeymoon seem valid. But if you can't travel far, go somewhere close by. Just remember, getting reconnected depends on internal feelings, not external details. A place that allows you to simply focus on each other is what's important, whether it is far away or not.

9. Be the example

Some couples never leave home or travel because their kids don't like it. These couples can't ever focus on themselves because they fear the situation that will be waiting for them when they return home. Remember that whether they like it or not, it's only fair to give your relationship attention just like you give them attention. You will actually be giving them an excellent example of true love, and the time it needs and deserves. Someday, your children will grow up and understand. A couple that doesn't take the time they need because they only think about the family doesn't exemplify a happy marriage. And when all is said and done, isn't that what you really want for you children too?

10. Repeat

From the very instant that you experience good results from these moments alone, start planning the next getaway. They can be short getaways of just a few hours, weeks or months. Just make them mean something.

Don't wait for communication to become impossible or your feelings cool off. Return to the basics. If you never went on a honeymoon, it's about time to go on one. Annually, monthly, weekly or daily. It doesn't matter. What matters is remembering that love does not die from natural causes. Don't let it get to that point, though. Invest in your relationship.

Translated and adapted by Vaughn Christensen from the article "10 razões para ter uma segunda lua de mel com seu amor" by Chris Ayres.

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