There are few people in this world who have never heard of the thrilling, enchanting, and beautiful wonderland New York City becomes during the holiday season. With that knowledge, there is no question why so many classic holiday films like Elf and Home Alone are set in the Big Apple, because the atmosphere of the city is spellbinding. From the spectacular, twinkling lights on every street, to gigantic luminous Christmas trees around every corner, there is no question that New York City is the most magical place to spend the last month of the year. But, there are numerous more reasons why visiting this glorious city would be the icing on the cake to your holiday season.

1. Rockefeller Center

Most everyone has seen a glimpse of the massive Christmas tree that stands in the middle of Rockefeller Center. This landmark in Manhattan was made famous by multiple Hollywood films and has become an international icon to which millions of tourists flock every year. The Christmas tree itself stands 80 ft. tall, is covered head to toe in 30,000 tiny, twinkling lights, and is unlike anything you have ever seen.

2. Times Square

Times Square is yet another iconic area in the City that Never Sleeps, but most definitely during the holiday season. Millions of people come from across the globe during the yearly New Year's Eve celebration that has taken place in the square for the past century. If the vibrant, ever-changing billboards that surround the square don't catch your eye, the countless celebrities will.

3. The ice rink at Bryant Park

There are plenty of options for ice-skating during winter in NYC, but the ice rink at Bryant Park is one of the best. Not only is admission free to everyone, there is enough food, hot chocolate stands, and shopping to entertain you for hours at a time. Ice-skating below illuminated skyscrapers will make for an unforgettable date with your sweet heart.

4. Lincoln Center

If you are looking for a leisure way to spend a night in the city, Lincoln Center might be one of the greatest choices. The Nutcracker ballet is performed at Lincoln Center by the most talented ballerinas in New York, along with many other holiday-themed productions. Whichever you choose, you will definitely leave the theater with visions of sugarplums dancing in your head.

5. Fifth Avenue

5th Avenue is known for it's colorful holiday displays in all of the store windows. Even if you don't want to spend money, simply spending time to take in the marvelous and creative work put into the displays is most definitely worth it. Window-shopping has never looked better.

6. Bryant Park Holiday Shops

Not only does Bryant Park have an enticing skating rink, but the park is known for hosting more than 125 boutique shops aligned with hundreds of beautiful trees. With both the ice skating rink and the fun-filled and decorative shops, the entire park becomes a fantastical winter wonderland you usually only find in movies.

7. Sixth Avenue

Sixth Avenue is a photo opportunist's dream destination because of the majestic Christmas displayed around every turn. From giant ornaments, to millions of twinkling lights, the avenue comes straight out of Santa's workshop during the holiday season.

8. Radio City Music Hall

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is a classic holiday tradition that has taken place since 1933. The famous Rockettes will not hesitate to kick your entertainment up a notch. Get your tickets here.

9. Chelsea Market

The Chelsea Market might not be one of the most famous locations in New York, but it can definitely be the most memorable. This charming building holds an endless variety of decadent food, and unique shopping opportunities, Chelsea Market offers something for everyone, and it may be one of your most enjoyable experiences in the big city.

10. The memories

Apart from all of the sight seeing, visiting New York City during the holiday season is one of the most worthwhile decisions you could ever make. The memories you will make in New York will be both moving and everlasting. It's time to rejuvenate that festive holiday cheer that you seem to be lacking every year, and there is no greater place to find that spirit than within the blissful atmosphere of New York. See the deal for discounted prices on extravagant hotels this holiday season, and you will find yourself shining brighter than the City of Light.

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