Most of the time, babies are the most adorable little things. They are the giggling snuggle bugs the world oohs and awes at. However, there are moments when you might stand back and think maybe my child has turned into a monster, a zombie, to be exact.

Below are 10 reasons why your baby could be a zombie disguised as an adorable baby.

Messy eater

When babies get to the point that they are eating solid foods, bibs are no longer effective. Like a zombie, more food ends up on them instead of in their mouths. The mess is not confined to their face. It will be on their clothes, plates and the entire table.

Teething attack

A baby who is teething puts anything and everything into his mouth. This sometimes will be your face, hair or head. Kind of like a zombie who is hungry, ready to eat your brain.

Sleeping faces

Have you ever noticed a baby sleeping? Many times the baby's eyes are not closed all the way. Sometimes their faces are moving like they want to say something, but can't. Zombies are the same way with only having their eyes half shut, and not having complete control of their facial movements.

Incoherent language

When a zombie speaks it comes out more of a grunt instead of words. Well, many babies reach a stage when everything comes out in a scream or a grunt, oddly similar to a zombie. You never know when they are going to strike. It's just a sudden burst of screams and grunts.

Unstable walking

Many times a baby walking is referred to as a drunken sailor. However, drunken sailors do not stick their arms out to balance them. Zombies do that. They have their arms out to help balance them and their awkward feet - just like a baby.

Maybe we should stop watching Walking Dead with Crew... #zombiebaby #thecrewster

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Glaring at TV and mobile screens

Living in the 21st century has given rise to the screen face. The face children get when looking at the TV or a smartphone. They do not blink and have this blank stare while watching. Zombies are very similar. Never have a blinking competition with a zombie or a baby.

Good Morning! Checking my newsfeeds. #babiesofinstagram #littlehipster #instababy

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Stuffing everything they touch in their mouths

Even after they are done teething, children still stick everything in their mouth. It is a natural instinct when they get hold of an object. They must know how it tastes. Zombies are the same way. Everything that lands on their hands eventually enters their mouths.

I'm ready for my close up - hold up, lemme freshen up my lipstick. ??? #cutekidsclub #auntielove #love #babiesofinstagram

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Getting slobber everywhere

Nothing is worse than zombie drool. Nothing is more hilarious than a baby who drools all over your friend. Babies drool, and zombies drool. It's natural, and another thing in common.

My little #babagirl #lilgorgeousness #warcry #droolingbaby #teamben #daddyslittlegirl #babywarcry @dalvarez1027

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Tantrum throwing

Now this is when a parent must think, "My baby has to be a monster." No child can throw a graceful tantrum. That is when their true zombie face surfaces.

Huge desire to destroy all things

When babies become toddlers, their natural curiosity is going to cause some destruction. They will want to empty every bin, drawer or closet to see what you are hiding. No matter where they go, a path of destruction is going to follow them. Zombies also love to destroy things. Everything they touch is destroyed just like about everything a toddler touches as well.

Uh oh!!! #bigmess #wasntme #caughtintheact #messybaby #sonny #myboy #mylove #whodidthis

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Is your baby a zombie? Though there are moments when you might think so, they will always be those adorable little snuggle bugs. Whom you love and hope the best for in life.

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