Choosing your forever partner isn't just about how you get along with him - you also consider what kind of dad he'll be for your future children. If he does these 10 things, you can be sure that he's not only going to be a great father, he's going to be the best dad ever.

1. He's great with other people's kids

Whether it's his nieces and nephews or your own younger siblings, the way he interacts with other people's children is a good sign of how he'll act with his own in the future. When he comforts his crying niece or wrestles with your brothers, you know he'll be doing the same loving things in the future with your kids.

2. He prioritizes you

A man who puts his wife first knows how to order his priorities. Once the two of you start having kids, you know they'll also be on the top of his priority list.

3. He points out cute babies in public

When you're at the grocery story and he fawns over the adorable baby in front of you in line, you know you've snagged a great future dad. You can already tell he'll adore your future kiddos.

4. He isn't afraid to hug it out

If your man is comfortable with hugging it out and giving verbal praise, he'll be able to give your kids the affection they need.

5. He's patient

Patience is perhaps the greatest virtue a parent can have, because your kids will put it to the test almost every moment of the day (and night). If he keeps his patience with you when you're having a rough day, he'll most likely keep his patience when the kids are bouncing off the walls.

6. He can go with the flow

Life with kids doesn't follow a rigid schedule. If he's able to bend the rules occasionally now, he'll be a great dad who'll make breakfast for dinner and let them stay up late reading their new comic book. Of course, he'll help you enforce family rules too, but he'll also focus on making lasting memories for your kids.

7. He's playful

One of the best playmates a kid can have is their dad. If he's playful with you now, he'll be down on all fours playing horse for your delighted child cowboy one day.

8. He's not afraid to get dirty

There's no denying it - parenthood is a dirty job. Your hardworking man knows he'll handle the spit up, dirty diapers and constant messes like a champ.

9. He makes you feel loved

If he expresses his love to you often through words and actions, your future children will have a great and loving father.

10. He's the type of man you'd want your son to become

Your husband is going to be one of the top role models for your future children. If your husband reminds you a lot of who you'd want your son to grow up to be, he's going to make a wonderful daddy.

It's comforting to know your loving sweetheart will also be a loving father in the future. Share with your love if you think they'll be the best dad ever.

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