For some reason, being able to find time to read and study the Bible with your family is practically impossible. No matter how hard you try to study the Bible with your family, it just never works out. Or everyone ends up angry by the time you're finished reading. The thing is, you're not alone. For many families, this is a constant struggle, but it's a good and righteous struggle. What matters most is that you're trying. The most important thing to do if you want to succeed, is to just try. You can work up from there.

Get started with these 10 simple ways to have Bible study with your family:

1. Make the decision

Every good thing starts with the decision to act. If you want to have Bible study, you must make the decision to try. Make sure your spouse is on board, get your children involved and together you can make a commitment to start up Bible study together.

2. Find a time that works

Every family has a crazy busy schedule. What works for some may not work for others. If at first there doesn't seem to be a time that works, start thinking outside the box. Is there time during breakfast or at dinner to read a few passages from the Bible? If not every day, is there at least one day, one time during the week where you can sit together as a family and study together? You'll be surprised once you start thinking of dates and times to fit Bible study in that you have more time than you originally thought.

3. Set realistic goals

Don't get ahead of yourself and start setting lofty goals for your family Bible study time. Good things tend to start small. Take it one day at a time and keep working and trying to have Bible study. Little by little, sitting together as a family will become much easier and more of a habit.

4. Keep your Bible somewhere you can see it

If you're one who easily forgets dates and plans, keeping your Bible somewhere you will always see it will be a helpful reminder that your family needs to study together. Put in a place where you will see it on a daily basis (all day even). This way it's easily accessible and it's a constant reminder of what your family should be doing together.

5. Try to keep the mood light and happy

Disagreements and sibling rivalry are inevitable when you get the family together. In an ideal situation, everyone would happily sit down and read and everything would be sunshine and lollipops. But not everything is sunshine and lollipops and someone is bound to be grumpy when it comes to family Bible study time. Whenever possible, try to keep the mood light and happy when you read, but remember, it's not the end of the world if your kids end up grumpy. You can always try again tomorrow.

6. Break it up and add variety

Doing the same old thing for family Bible study can be boring and predictable. Add variety by telling stories from the Bible, watching movies or videos that accurately portray the stories you and your family love. It will help your family gain a greater understanding of the Bible and are perfect opportunities to teach your children about what you believe in.

7. Try to involve everyone

Whether your children are young or old, try to involve everyone as much as possible. The importance of family Bible study is creating an environment in the home where children can ask questions and you can teach them all about the stories in the Bible. Help them understand by involving them in your family Bible study as much as possible.

8. Be consistent and persistent

Family Bible study isn't supposed to be a one-time deal. It should happen as often as possible in your home. The key is to be consistent and persistent. Consistently have Bible study with your family and it will start to become a habit and much easier to do. Be persistent in making sure your whole family is there to participate.

9. Talk about it

Don't just talk about the Bible during your family Bible study, talk about it as often as you can. Be open and willing with your children to answer any questions they have. Discuss the stories, talk about the things they want to talk about. Allow your home to be a place of love and learning of the Bible. You'll find your home life will be much brighter and happier because of it.

10. Don't give up

It's easy to put the Bible back on the shelf and forget about having Bible study. But if you really want to make it part of your family's life, you can't give up. Keep dusting off your Bible, opening up those pages, and sitting and reading with your family. Take it one day at a time.

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