Pregnant women receive a lot of attention, and for good reason. Bringing new life into the world is the pinnacle of the human experience. New babies can bring out the best in everyone, and the women who carry these new little lives deserve good treatment.

If a pregnant woman lights up your life, here are 10 ways to make her feel amazing about herself and her important work.


Carrying, then raising a human being requires making a million little decisions and even some monumental ones. Affirm and support her decisions, even if you know they aren't the decisions you would make.


No one likes the pregnancy police! Before you pass judgement about lifestyle or dietary choices, realize that standards of care may have changed since you were last pregnant. Assume that the pregnant woman knows what is best for her.


Pregnancy is uncomfortable. Treat the pregnant woman in your life to a prenatal massage, manicure, spa day, or another little luxury.


The woman in your life needs a little free time before the big day. If this is her first child, she's not likely to get much deserved "me time" for a while. If she already has older children, she's probably forgotten what "me time" is. Encourage her to take a bath alone for an hour or go out with her friends.


Many people think about bringing over food after the baby is born, but you can help the mom-to-be get a jump on preparations before the big day. Help wash and fold baby clothes, set up the nursery and stock the freezer with meals.


Instead of remarking on the current state of her body, offer a sincere, thought-out compliment. Remember that there is a person under that baby bump who is still just as interesting and engaging as she was before she got pregnant. Remind her of that.


Pregnant women do not need to hear horrible birth or newborn stories. You can all commiserate together after she's given birth and settled into a routine, but until that time edit what you say.


Having a baby is a great reason to party. Celebrate this momentous change in life by throwing a baby shower or luncheon. Go above and beyond and get her something that's just for her, not the baby. She deserves it!

Be considerate

Don't let chivalry die a slow and painful death. Give up your seat to a pregnant woman, open a door for her and help her carry her groceries to the car. She'll be grateful.


All a pregnant woman really needs to feel wonderful is a listening ear. Lend yours. Let her talk about her joys and successes as well as her fears and insecurities. Listen without passing judgement or offering unsolicited advice. Just listen.

We should celebrate birth and the woman who sacrifice to carry babies for nine long months. Between hormonal shifts, changing bodies and impending parenthood, they deserve respect and accommodation. It doesn't take much to make a pregnant woman's day, just a little compassion.

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