We've all got a pretty good idea about what happens during pregnancy and when you give birth.

Albeit there are probably still some surprises that happen when you give birth, but a lot of people are able to share that with the unknowledgeable, or they are learned in pre-birthing classes.

But what happens after you deliver the baby?

And not just directly after, but in the weeks following?

After all you just pushed out a human being, so there are bound to be side effects, right?

We all know about the sleepless nights and poopy diapers, but here are 10 things that occur in the weeks after giving birth that often come as a BIG, uncomfortable and painful surprise.

1. You may think you are ready, but when it happens, you totally aren't

During pregnancy you have 9 months to emotionally, mentally, and physically prepare for delivering and having your child.

But some woman find that once they are in the delivery room, and the reality of being a mother sets in, you are never truly ready.

Don't be surprised if you have a moment, or a couple hours worth of panic. That's completely normal and very understandable.

2. Having a C-section doesn't necessarily mean a painless delivery/recovery

There are many who would say that a C-section delivery is less painful that a vaginal delivery, but that is not necessarily true.

While in a vaginal delivery you can choose whether or not to receive an epidural, with a C-section you automatically get one. But this doesn't mean you will not feel the pain of being cut open, or the pain from being stitched up afterwards.

Plus the stitches or staples (yes that's right, staples) you receive after your C-section, will have to be removed, which can cause more discomfort and pain.

3. Things are leaking out, and not just at the hospital

It's a little known fact that after you give birth you have to wear mesh panties because you either have stiches or lots and lots of blood is still coming out.

But that's the thing; it's not just blood that will come out.

Your body will be vacating extra stuff left behind from the baby, and it will happen for a couple weeks after you give birth. And this stuff just likes to slide out at random times too, so it's always a not so pleasant surprise.

4. Wearing mesh panties in general

As mentioned above, your baby will not be the only one in diapers.

Take it as a bonding experience and know that it both keeps you healthy and clean from the things happening in your bodies that neither of you can control.

5. That uterus massage

Uterus massage, sounds nice/interesting right?

Well, probably not.

A uterus massage is a lovely thing the nurses have to do periodically after you give birth to make sure your uterus contracts back to its normal size and you don't bleed to death.

It's completely mandatory, but also completely painful. You will strongly want to hurt the nurse doing this to you, but you will also thank her in the end.

6. Pulling out staples or stiches

This was already mentioned, but needs to be highlighted again.

Having a C-section is a surgery (a pretty quickly done one at that), so once they are done they will both stitch and staple you up.

Before you leave the hospital, those staples will be removed. You will probably be asking, "I just gave birth, is this completely necessary?" and the answer is yes.

But you can be relieved by knowing this part isn't actually as painful as say, the uterus massage, so this will seem easy-peasy.

7. Sleepiness will hit you like a rock

After all, you just pushed out a baby, so yeah, you are bound to be a little tired.

But sometimes they will have to give you medication, like magnesium, to help with problems during or after the birth, and they will straight up put you to sleep.

While in the hospital take advantage, because you aren't going to be getting any shut-eye when you get home.

8. Sometimes breastfeeding is just not an option

Most new mothers want to at least try to breastfeed their baby.

The thing is, sometimes it just won't work out, either because you can't produce enough milk to feed the baby properly or because it's just too painful. There are also many other reasons why, but whatever they are, it is totally ok if you have to use formula.

This doesn't mean breastfeeding doesn't take time and effort to succeed, but even if you decide it's just too much to handle, that is your prerogative.

9. You will have to do this one embarrassing thing before you go home

Before you leave the hospital you will have to do this one thing, and they are very serious about making you do it.

Before the hospital will release you, you will have to fart.

That's right, they want you to pass gas and tell them about it. But once you do it, you are free to go home with your new baby in tow.

10. Shame is not a word you will use anymore

After all is said and done in the birthing process, all sense of shame goes completely away.

Before you had this baby I'm sure the thought of revealing your private parts in front of complete strangers completely mortified you, and now it's not as big of a deal.

After all, as a mother you definitely will have no shame, with anything from throw up to poop being on your clothing at any given time.

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