There is so much to do before baby comes, and it is common in the last week of pregnancy to feel a little stressed, overwhelmed, and even sometimes nervous, anxious and a little scared. Here is a list of things you can to do feel more comfortable and prepared:

Pack the hospital bag

Some women will be in the hospital for the minimum 24 hours after birth, and some will be there for much longer. Until you deliver there is no way of knowing which situation you will be in. Prepare your hospital bag with the assumption that you may be there for a while. Make sure you have a toothbrush, toothpaste, a change of clothes to come home in, chap stick, etc. You can find lists all over the Internet on what you should put in your hospital bag. It is also a great idea to have it done so when the time comes to hurry to the hospital you don't have to worry if you have everything you need.

Choose an outfit for baby to come home in

This is one of the most fun things to do to prepare for the arrival of your little one. It is so fun to choose their first outfit. When you have finally chosen the outfit, wash it in gentle detergent and put it in the hospital bag so you won't forget it.

Go on a date

Chances are you won't feel like going out for a while after you have the baby, and even more likely, you won't have the energy or time for even longer. Go on a date with your spouse, celebrate the expansion of your family, and get in a well-deserved last date as just the two of you.

Clean the house

Above everything, you will want to bring your little one home to a clean environment. Keep in mind you might not have much energy for cleaning after the baby comes. You might have a lot of company coming in and out, and a good scrub down will be a stress reliever as you prepare to welcome your baby's admirers.

Finish the nursery

Make the finishing touches for your baby's room. Wash the crib sheets, hang the last few decorations, dust, and make sure that it has proper temperature control.

Wash the baby clothes

Baby's skin is very sensitive, so it is a good idea to wash their clothing before they wear it. There are many chemicals used on new clothes, dust, and other germs and things that will come in contact with the clothing before they wear it.

Prepare freezer meals

Chances are you will have many people bringing your family meals, but it is a good idea to have some freezer meals made and ready to pop in the oven on a moment's notice. Your husband and other helpers will want to help, so make it easy on them.

Write your birth plan

Be sure you have your birth plan written and ready to take to the hospital. Make sure to express your desires, concerns, and hopes in this letter. The nurses will read it and do their very best to make sure the list is followed to the best of the hospital's abilities.

Clean your car

Kids are messy, that is no secret, so get ahead while you can. Get your car cleaned and detailed. You can even do this yourself (meaning have your darling husband do it). Wipe the seats down, vacuum, and just make sure it's a clean environment. It will help reduce the stress of being a new parent if you have fewer things cluttering your mind, and your space. While you are in there, get the car seat all hooked up.

Charge your cameras

It would be a shame if that very special moment came, and your camera started flashing no card, low battery or even worse, wouldn't turn on at all. Be sure you have a card in the camera and that it is empty and ready for ample picture taking, and that you have a full battery. It wouldn't hurt to pack the charger as well.

Use your last week of pregnancy to get everything ready. Waiting is easier when you stay busy.

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