The addition of a new baby is often an occasion filled with excitement, apprehension, joy, tears, and laughter. The current marketplace is packed with a variety of products to make this journey go smoothly, but often a new mother can feel overwhelmed when presented with this mélange of choices. After speaking with family, friends, and experienced mothers, I've narrowed a list down of our favorite top ten products.

10. Travel Swing -

Travel swings are perfect when visiting family and friends. They can go anywhere - to the park, on a picnic, or a hotel. At home, you can easily move the swing from one room to the next. They are perfect for days when you need free hands to complete the never-ending chores of motherhood ... like laundry.

9. Head and body support for car seat -

These little contraptions really take away the stress and anxiety caused by watching your brand new infant's tender head flop from side-to-side while driving around town, and you can get as elaborate as a full body support cushion. They are easy to use, and can slip right onto the straps of your infant's car seat.

8. Stroller -

A good stroller, designed for your needs (e.g. jogging, travel system, or all-terrain), will soon become your best friend. If you need to get out of the house for an hour or so, a brisk walk around the block will help calm both you and baby.

7. First Aid Kit -

If you are well prepared with the basics of baby first-aid, you'll feel much more confident for those little mishaps that are bound to happen. You can buy a pre-packaged kit or create your own to meet your child's unique needs.

6. Nipple Cream -

First time mothers don't think about nipple cream until it's too late and you're dreading the next feeding. If you plan to nurse, it's best to understand that breastfeeding can wreak havoc on your tender nipples. Lanolin cream is a "must" for any nursing mother, and can save you a lot of uncomfortable feedings during the first few weeks.

5. Pre-prepared Meals -

You won't feel like cooking, and unless you have people around who are prepared to cook your meals, pre-prepared meals are a blessing.

4. Diaper Tote -

Creating a tote is simple. Find a cute bin with a handle and keep it stocked with all of your necessary diaper changing items, such as a folding pad, wipes, cream, lotions, and hand sanitizer. A tote makes changing diapers so much easier and can be transported from room-to-room or house-to-car easily.

3. Baby Sleep Sack -

Have you ever tried to button those snaps on footie pajamas in the middle of the night? It's hard! A baby sleep sack is wonderful in so many ways. They are soft, warm, and perfect for those middle-of-the-night changings.

2. Swaddling Blanket -

There is a good selection of different types of swaddling blankets on the market today, but I haven't found one yet that didn't help ease a fussy baby. Babies love to feel secure, and a swaddling blanket makes it easy to keep baby tucked up tight.

1. Car Seat Canopy/Tent -

A car seat canopy is a definite "must", especially when you transition into the fall and winter months. They are perfect for keeping your baby dry and protected from the elements, and they work well for helping baby stay covered while shopping or moving around crowds. There is a good assortment on the market or you can sew your own. You and your baby will be running around in style.

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