Your littlest angel, so recently making his or her appearance into this world, just might have a powerful message for you, if only those words could be spoken.

Here are 10 things your bundle of joy may be bursting to tell you:

1. God is real

I can't figure out why so many people say there is no God. He ushered me into this life. I am His child - everyone is. And here's the best part: He loves all of us more than anyone can imagine. Because of that, I know He watches over us while we're here, even when we turn away from Him. Maybe especially then. He's our Father, who just happens to live in heaven.

2. I trust you, completely

When you look into my eyes I can tell that you will do anything to protect me. I'm so blessed to be your child. When you hold me close I feel safe. I know, without a doubt, that you would never let anyone hurt me. I pity them if they ever try. You are my ever-watchful guardian.

3. Thank you for loving me immediately

I didn't even have to earn your love. It's just there, and I can feel it every time you hold me, kiss me, feed me, bathe me, and say cutesy words to me. I wish I could say how much I love you back for doing all these things for me.

Instead, I look at you and smile and wiggle and do the cleverest things I know how to do, which aren't many yet, but I'll get better at it. Wait and see. I have so many things to show you as I grow.

4. I'm counting on you to teach me good things

I'm new on this planet and I don't know much. In fact, I don't know anything. You have a clean slate to write my life on. Be careful what you teach me because I will believe whatever you say. At least for a few short years. Then I guess I'll start figuring things out on my own. That will be easier because of the good things you teach me.

5. Thank you, mommy and daddy, for loving each other

I'm watching you. Every time you kiss each other or treat each other in a kind and loving way, it makes me giggle inside. It's the kind of giggle that says, "I'm so lucky to have parents who love me enough to love each other."

I'm going to learn how to be a married person by watching you two. Thanks for showing me the way.

6. Thanks for giving me siblings

I hope this is possible because I would love to have those built-in friends. I'm sure we'll do our share of getting on each other's nerves, but it will be worth it-even if we drive you slightly crazy in the process.

With a brother, or sister, or both, I won't be lonely. These friendships will last not just while we're home together growing up, but will be with me throughout my whole life. What a gift to have forever friends.

7. You always make sure I have food, clothes, and a roof over my head

What a relief to know that you will provide those necessities of life for me. You're doing it already.

You may not realize it but when you dress me and wrap me in a warm, cozy blanket I feel so happy. When you feed me, I feel loved. When you take me out into the cold, noisy world, I'm glad beyond words, which I have none of yet, to be back home in a safe place. Wow! I wish every child had that blessing. Thank you for working hard to provide these things for me.

8. I'm hoping you won't spoil me

Well, maybe a little spoiling won't hurt. What I mean is, I hope you won't make my life so easy that I won't know how to make it on my own when I'm no longer with you. I hope you won't let me have everything I want. Teach me to work, so I can know the joy of accomplishment. Remind me I said that when I'm acting like a brat, not wanting to do my part.

9. Don't hit me

I may deserve a swat on the behind now and then, but please don't hit me. Some kids get beat by their parents and suffer a difficult childhood. Thanks for being the kind of parents who would never do that.

Just tell me what I'm doing wrong, set some good boundaries for me, and discipline me with love. A serious look-you know, the evil-eye stare-may be sufficient. Let's hope.

10. Keep on loving me

Don't give up on me - ever. Keep that love you felt for me at the beginning. That might be hard when I'm growing and doing some dumb things, but please love me anyway. I promise I will return that love to you. And one day when you are old and not able to do things, kind of like I am now, I will take care of you. I will love you always. You can count on that.

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