The question of God's existence has been a topic of debate for centuries. Scholars on both sides of the debate have presented strong arguments to back their claims, yet still the debate continues - and will probably continue indefinitely.

If you are wondering if God is real, or if you once believed in him and are wondering if God is still a part of your life, here are 10 solid reasons why God is not dead.

1. God is a part of everything we do

God's name is used more than any other. As a people, we cannot stop talking about him, and we are constantly trying to either draw closer to him or separate ourselves from his influence. We either want him in our lives, or we want him out of our lives - perhaps even trying to force him out of the lives of others. God is the most talked about, most debated, most loved and most hated being in history. He is everywhere, and whether you believe in him or not, you know his name.

2. God seeks for us, even if we're not seeking him

God is our father, and because he is our father, he loves us very much. Each of us is precious to him, and he does all that he can to bring us safely home. Even if we are not seeking God in our lives, God provides moments where we can feel him and recognize that there is something different about those feelings. We may choose to call those moments by different names - serendipity, fate, chance, luck, coincidence - but in reality, all these things are God's way of telling us that he is there.

3. Miracles still happen

Whether we want to admit it or not, there are miracles happening all around us - unbelievable stories that point to a higher power. Children being rescued by angels, a mysterious woman's voice calling for help to rescue a small babe, a boy surviving a 60 foot fall from a cliff ... the number of inexplicable divine interventions are many, and that number continues to grow. God is alive, and he sends help in times of need.

4. God speaks to man daily

God has given us the promise that, when we come to him, he will answer us. There are many who are directed by God because they communicate with him on a daily basis. They take the time to talk with God and to listen to his counsel. In return, God speaks to them, giving them answers to their prayers. God is very much alive to those who seek him.

5. There is goodness in the world

Everything that is good comes from God. As long as there is goodness in the world, you can rest assured that God is alive and continues to spread goodness. Goodness is God's way of allowing his children to know happiness. Those touched by his spirit become his hands here on earth as they go about doing good for others. Mother Theresa was such a person. These men and women become powerful forces for good, changing the world for the better.

6. Creation happens every day

God is the supreme creator, and he continues to bring life to the earth. The beauty of creation is seen in all aspects of life. From a mother growing a tiny babe in her womb to a seedling struggling to make its way to the light, life is all around us. Each new form of life is a miracle in itself with a beautiful and intricate design. Every part of creation fits together so perfectly and points to a higher power in its design and orchestration. God is still creating.

7. There are universal morals

Every human being ever born knows the moral law because it is written in his heart. We may have laws that tell us not to kill, but we already know, inherently, that murder is wrong. There are moral principles common among all people, regardless of religion or culture. These values were engraved upon us from a loving God who has written his words in our hearts.

8. The scriptures testify of him

The scriptures are not just filled with words of the prophets, they are filled with words spoken to prophets directly from God. These words not only testify of God and of Jesus Christ, they testify of things that are, things that have been and things that will be. God reveals himself to those who read with open hearts.

9. Truth is still being revealed

Universal truths exist, and truth is still being revealed to us. Inventions are still being discovered, technologies are still being developed and minds are still being inspired with new and incredible ideas. God enlightens man with wisdom, with the knowledge to create. With God's enlightenment, mankind achieves great things.

10. Love still exists

God is love. As long as there is love in the world, God will be here. God will be here to lift us when we're down, to wipe away our tears, to comfort us in sorrow and to support us in our pain. He will also be here to celebrate our victories, to smile when our hearts know gladness, to share our greatest joys and to teach us how to love.

God is not dead. He lives. If we seek him, God can live in each of us.

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