If you wear perfume, you are doing it all wrong. There are surprisingly easy ways to smell amazing and I bet you have overlooked them all!

Even the smallest changes have the potential to make quite a difference. Here are 11 fragrance hacks that are going to make you stop and think about your life choices (well, at least the ones that relate to perfume).

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1. Stop keeping your perfumes and colognes in the bathroom

Ever wondered why your bottle starts to lose its smell before it is even half way gone? Well, the excessive light, heat, and humidity found in your bathroom break down fragrance's potency. Instead, put your perfume in a cool, dry area away from windows to keep them smelling divine.

2. Rub on some Vaseline

In order to keep your sprayed scent lasting longer, apply a little bit of Vaseline where you'd like the perfume to stick. When your skin is dry, it is difficult for your fragrance to last. Rubbing a dab of Vaseline on your skin before you spritz will moisturize your skin and help you smell better longer.

3. Don't rub your wrists together

If you spray your wrists with perfume and then rub them together in a semi-speedy motion, you are forcing the top notes to vanish, essentially cutting the length of time it will last in half. Resist the urge to rub your wrists for a longer lasting scent.

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4. Put calming scents on your pillow

Perfume isn't just good for getting a second date; Spraying your pillow at night with a calming scent will help you sleep much better.

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5. Spray in 5 essential areas

Your wrists, neck, elbows, ear and knee are the best places to apply a fragrance because they are the warmest areas on your body. These areas will help the scent to linger and last.

6. Watch out for the spices

When consuming foods with heavy spices, remember that the smell can seep out of your pores. If you want to smell great for a date coming up, consider staying away from spices for about 48 hours.

7. Hair fragrances do exist

Instead of spraying your hairbrush with perfume and then brushing your hair (which is effective) consider purchasing a hair scent that is designed to make your hair smell amazing.

8. Make up wipes can remove the scents you dislike

If you accidently used the wrong perfume or changed your mind about the fragrance you put on that day, grab a make-up wipe and gently rub where you sprayed. It will eliminate the scent in no time.

9. Be picky about your detergent

When your clothes come out of the wash do they smell boring? If you are willing to spend the extra money, consider looking for a fragranced detergent that compliments the sprays that you wear.

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10. Touch up your scent

For fragrance all day long, spray two cotton balls and stick them in a plastic bag. Bringing this around for small touch ups is much easier than hauling around the whole perfume bottle in your purse.

11. Bad breath can distract the other smells

Purchase a good mouthwash that is alcohol free. Colgate's Oral Care Center has shared that, "studies by BioMed Research International suggest alcohol free mouthwashes have a better effect on the gloss, color, hardness and wear of tooth composite restorations compared to mouthwashes that contain alcohol."

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