In a world of smartphones and tablets, capturing your child's life has never been easier. Get your camera ready, because here are 10 picture-perfect mommy moments you won't want to miss (because they only happen once):

1. The first time they help bake

That won't be hard to clean up at all. (via @steph5982) #WomenIRL

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2. Their first piece of art on the wall

3. The first time they meet Santa Claus

"The Santa torture continues." -@jessicajmert #WomenIRL #HolidayOuttakes

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4. When they want to exercise like mommy does

Baby beach buns yoga...classes starting soon ?

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5. When they discover the toilet can flush

"When you leave your toddler alone for two minutes to answer the phone." -@betsyjen #WomenIRL

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6. The moment your baby wraps themselves up in their blankey

7. One of the few times you can create a win-win

8. The first time they style their own hair

How you know that your kid is super fly. ("Supa fly"?) #SupaFlyKidYouGotThere photo thanks to @morgankinyon #kidsaretheworst

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9. When they visit the happiest place on Earth

10. The times they throw an epic tantrum

11. Transitioning from car to crib without waking them up

There's nothing quite like a successful car to crib transfer ?? #momwin

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Your kids may get old, but that doesn't mean the memories have to fade. Snuggle up with them while you can, cause the years will move by faster than you want them to.

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