Many of us take technology for granted because we've grown up with it or it came along while we were still young(ish). But for others who are older, technology brings lots of confusion and misunderstandings. And more than a few laughs.

While we're helping those around us understand some of this fancy technology, we just need to laugh sometimes. Here are some posts that'll get you through.

1. You really need to slow down all the steps when you're teaching your parents

Or co-workers #reddit #oldpeople

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2. We've all seen this on social media

Hahahaha! Det her, er ret sjovt og sandt ?? #oldpeople #bigproblems #funnymemes

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3. Explaining all the text lingo will take some patience

#grandmas #storyofmylife #oldpeople

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4. GIFs are like the moving Harry Potter pictures

5. Gmail is email, Grandma

??? old people ??? #oldpeople

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6. Oh, dear ..

? ? ? ? #smh #momtexts #oldpeople #uber #lyft

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7. Now, how to answer it?


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8. Text abbreviations are tricky

9. Just wait until they see emojis

🙂 Sideways? #oldpeopletexting #funnytextspeak #crazyaunt

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10. So punny, but then ..

In which Dad learns the true meaning of "facepalm" ?✋#dad #lovehim #textsfromdad #oldpeopletexting #facepalm

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11. Not sure if this is a failed "voice to text" attempt, or just really bad grammar

Be patient with those who are less tech-savvy; it's hard to learn new things. But hey - at least there's some entertainment along the way!

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