Becoming a first-time mom is thrilling and terrifying.For the past nine months you have been waiting for this day to finally come! With these tips you will feel much more comfortable with your baby at your own home.

1. Be prepared for all kinds of interesting (and strange) noises

Babies make lots of noises. No need to fear - this is all normal. Babies cry and yes they do cry quite a lot. This is their signal and only form of communication to let you know a multitude of can signal that they are hungry, they need a diaper change, they want to be held, they're tired, or it can mean absolutely nothing. Try different things when they cry like feeding them or checking their diaper. Babies burp quite a bit after their feedings. They will also hiccup and sneeze and make other strange little noises.

2. Get ready to feed your baby 8-12 times a day

A baby should eat 8-12 times a day. Hey, they're growing and need all the nutrition they can get.

Even big eaters may lose up to 1/10th of what they weighed the day they were born during the first five days of their life. This is not reason for concern because they should gain it back again by their 10th day of life.

Some babies may lose even more if they fall asleep during feedings or reject bottles or breast feedings. If this continues to happen you can contact your pediatrician and discuss methods to fix the issue. When a baby is up to their recommended weight it's okay for them to turn away from feeding because this is their signal they are full.

3. Expect to change diapers at least 5 times a day

Now that we have given you some feeding knowledge, let's talk about what happens's diaper conversation time. On average you can expect to change at least four wet diapers a day and one or more poopy ones.

The coloring is a mustard-colored mush if you are breastfeeding and will be a yellow or tan color if you are using formula. This might seem gross but what comes out of your baby is a direct reflection of their health.

4. Learn Baby's Sleep Habits

A newborn baby sleeps A LOT. They typically sleep 16 to 17 hours a day. Don't get too excited that you will have tons of free time while they take a long snooze because a newborn usually only sleeps for only an hour or two and then wakes up. Just think of it as 17 hours cumulatively a day.

Tips for the 1st Week

5. Consistent Feedings

Round-the-clock feedings will become a major daily task. Make it easier on yourself and invest in a comfy rocker (you and baby will love it). Get comfy because you will be sitting there for a while baby eats. Some moms multi-task during this time. Try reading a book or your favorite magazine.

6. Giving baby its first bath

Tons of parents are nervous to bathe their tot for the first time. The best technique is to use tender care and take it slow. You need to work around baby's umbilical cord. Sponge baths are the way to go. Make sure you gather all the bath supplies you need before you begin washing up your baby.

7. Be Careful of the Umbilical Cord

Another bath tip is to place a warm washcloth over baby's tummy while they are taking a bath. This can help them feel much warmer. You can also turn down the AC when the baby is about to take a bath or even put the heat on a bit before the bath. Super cold air can be a shock to your baby and cause them to be super fussy during bath time which is no fun for anyone.

8. How to return to your pre-pregnancy self

No need to fear, your body will bounce back! You may be in pain and feeling weak but you will get back to normal. If you had a C-section just relax and let others people help you carry your tot around.

9. How to stop the tears

If baby won't stop crying and you've tried to feed them and change their might be as simple as them feeling tired. Instead of continually trying to play with your baby and carry him around, maybe try to lay him or her down for a nap and see if a simple change like this is enough for them to settle down.

10. How to prepare a crib

The crib or bassinet. This is an extremely significant part of baby's life. Layer up the crib to make changing it much easier. Try to put down two layers of sheets and a waterproof mattress cover on the crib mattress. Then when the top sheets get dirty it is easier to change the crib without completely tearing it apart and starting from the bottom up.

11. Focus on yourself too

Of course you probably have all the essential for you baby BUT what about you? Invest in a few products to help the first week of motherhood go more smoothly. Water bottle: it's extremely important to stay hydrated, especially if you're breastfeeding. Keep a water bottle near you at all times to ensure you're drinking enough water. Pillows: think about buying a body pillow, doughnut pillow or regular cushy pillow to help prop yourself up and make yourself feel more comfy. Snacks: you probably won't have tons of time to cook fancy meals or even cook much at all so arm yourself with some snacks to get your through the day.

This article was originally published on Jen Reviews. A portion of it has been republished here with permission.

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