Parenting is a tough gig. Children don't come with instruction manuals, and every parent feels like a failure from time to time. Rest assured, you are doing the best you can, and that is good enough. In case you need convincing, here are 11 things that you are doing right.

You're loving with your whole heart

You can love under the best and worst of circumstances. Your kids stole your heart the minute they were born, and you'll hold them there forever. Your kids need your unconditional love more than anything else in the world.

You're laughing

Life is more fun when you have a sense of humor. Every time you laugh at your kids' antics, you're creating memories and maintaining your sanity.

You're seeking out good advice

You realize that you don't know everything, and you're not afraid to seek out help. Looking for positive parenting resources proves your commitment to your kids.

But you're still trusting your instincts

After you've looked at all that great advice, you're choosing what works best for you. No one knows your kids better than you, after all.

You're learning from your mistakes

Even super parents mess up from time to time. It doesn't matter that you make mistakes; it matters that you learn from them. Also, saying you're sorry to your kids never hurts, either.

You're getting down, kid-style

Good parents let their kids dance it out. Great parents join in the fun. Kudos to you for acting silly and coming down to your kids' level.

You're concerned about how your kids will turn out

You have hopes and dreams for your kids, and they will flourish with your support.

You're protective

You're willing to stand up for your kid, no matter what. You are fierce and will keep them safe, even from themselves.

You have perspective

You know all too well that the childhood years are short, and you're trying to make the most of every minute.

You're supporting others

As we said before, raising kids is hard, and you know that it's hard for everyone. You are kind and supportive of other parents.

Most importantly: you're doing the very best you can.Parenting is one of the hardest jobs around, and no parent escapes without some metaphorical bumps and bruises. We make mistakes because we are imperfect people raising imperfect children, but you are doing your very best to make each day better than the last.

The next time you need a self-esteem boost, look in the mirror and remind yourself that you're doing your best with what you have, where you are. No one is more capable, prepared, or equipped to raise your children than you. In the long run, it doesn't matter what vacations you took, what birthday presents you bought, or the things you were able to give your children. It will matter that you were present, communicative and committed.

No one can love your children the way you do. You are their entire world, and they love you deeply, even when they can't express it. You are remarkable, and you are doing a great job.

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