Having gone through the miracle of pregnancy five times myself, I am greatly aware of its pros and cons. Luckily, after a short time, women quickly forget (or at least push to the back crevices of their minds) any negative aspects of pregnancy. Pregnancy is a miraculous and joyous journey for a woman. Here are 12 beautiful things about being pregnant:

1. Finding out

Whether you've been trying for years, or you had a surprise positive pregnancy test, the moment you find out you're pregnant is unforgettable and can often make for a great story.

2. The announcement

Pregnancy announcements have suddenly turned into an occasion equal to asking someone to prom. Treasure hunts, hidden messages and pictures of moms-to-be gracing "the porcelain throne" are only some of the creative ways to share the news. And don't forget about the big gender reveal party!

3. Hearing your baby's heartbeat

The comfort and assurance you feel listening to that "swish, swish, swish" on the Doppler is simply incredible.

4. Pregnancy brain

Forget where you put your keys? Walk into a room only to forget why you went there in the first place? So, maybe this happens to everyone - but, if you're pregnant, you get to blame it on "pregnancy brain."

5. The sweet sense of accomplishment

Your body can do amazing things, and creating a life is at the top of the list!

6. Feeling the first kick

Nothing can compare with the feeling of your little one's first kick inside your womb - an unmistakable flutter that somehow translates into your own secret communication between you and your baby.

7. Feeling the second kick, and the third, and the hundredth.

Although, by that time, you may feel like kicking back.

8. Stretchy pants

No further explanation needed. Am I right, ladies?

9. New wardrobe

Gone are the days of mountainous mumus. Maternity clothes are trendier than ever. Now you have an excuse to go on a shopping spree without feeling guilty. Don't forget those stretchy pants.

10. You should gain weight

An obvious part of pregnancy is gaining some weight. Forget counting every calorie. Enjoy eating for two! However, make sure you talk to your healthcare professional about how much weight gain is right for you.

11. You get pampered

Watch people stand and offer you their seats next time you're waiting for a table. Strangers become extra courteous as you waddle down the aisle. My favorite perk? Hubby driving across town in the middle of the night to buy a pound of fries covered in mustard.

12. Watching your husband turn into a father

I believe this transformation happens long before you give birth. Seeing your husband enjoy each of these milestones with you is a tender part of pregnancy - an experience both of you will cherish forever.

Nine months can sometimes feel like an eternity. If you are in the midst of this special time in your life, look to these suggestions and focus on all the positive aspects of creating a life. Oh, and the best part? At the end of those nine months, you get to meet, take home and love that sweet little part of you.

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