Ice-skating, Christmas music, lights and trees are just around the corner, along with jolly old' Santa Claus. It seems that a warm, cheerful feeling comes with all the holiday festivities. Why not make your home just as warm and cheerful as the lights and decorations outside?

Here are a few ideas for adorning your home in a holiday fashion that keeps the Christmas spirit around all December:

1. Christmas lights and ribbon

Lights, along with ribbon, give a sense of holiday aura, especially when the other lights in the house are turned off at night. Add lights to the staircase, over the countertops, to glassware or behind sheer tulle. Make it fun and don't hold back.

2. Throw pillows

An easy way to reset your living room is by storing all the throw pillows you use throughout the year and replace them with Christmas throw pillows. Reindeer, snowflakes and ornaments, and even just red-, green- and white-themed colors set the holiday mood.

3. Canvas art

Canvas art seems all the rage right now, and holiday canvas art is no exception. Whether it's the simple message of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" or a picture of a red bird in winter, canvas art is charming and delightful.

4. Pine cones

Even if you don't live close to pine trees, you can pick up some pinecones at the store or online. A little white paint goes a long way in brushing the tips of the cones with freshly fallen "snow." Place them in jars with some lights and ribbon and you have a beautiful table centerpiece.

5. Christmas tree

Christmas doesn't seem quite as magical without a tree loaded with ornaments, popcorn, lights, ribbon and any other way you can think of to decorate. Whatever you do, make it yours. And don't forget the great big, glittering star on top to complete the look (or an angel or ribbon).

6. Wreaths

As with most of the ideas here, the possibilities are endless when making wreaths and decorating your home with them. Hang one on the outside of your front door, and your little bit of holiday cheer will immediately set the tone for what guests will find inside your home.

7. Garlands

Add garland to a fireplace mantle, the staircase, above the doorway or anywhere else you see fit. The bit of green ties in well with the Christmas tree, as well as with all your other holiday décor.

8. Ornaments

Ornaments can be used for more than hanging on your Christmas tree. Place them in large glass containers, weave them in a garland or hang them in your window. Their flashes of color and sparkle will light up any room.

9. Candles

With tea lights, floating candles - scented and unscented - there are many options available when arraying candles in your home. Place them in jars or candle holders and watch them glow and flicker.

10. Stockings

Remember the catchy tune: "You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout, I'm telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town!"? Well, it's that time of year again. Get ready for Santa Claus by hanging your stockings over your fireplace. Don't have a fireplace to hang them over? Don't worry, you can hang your stockings anywhere and Santa will still find them.

11. Wall decals

This is a fun, contemporary way to decorate your house in a gorgeous, colorful way. In addition to beautiful decals, there is also the option of obtaining wall play sets. These will captivate your children and get them in the mood for everything the holiday season has to offer. They are removable and reusable, which means your children, can play with these interactive toys every year. They're definitely worth the investment.

12. Chalkboard art

Chalkboard art has progressively become more and more popular. Incorporate it into your celebration décor with chalkboard ornaments, chalkboard Christmas countdowns and chalkboard signs. You can buy chalkboard paint and paint it on mugs, glass jars, wood and so on. Chalkboard art is classy and modern, and allows you a variety of ways to design and create.

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