This world is full of beauty, but the most beautiful things are those simple things that teach us profound lessons. Often, we miss these things when we let life get in the way. We fail to see the beauty of simplicity. Here are 12 simply beautiful things - and their profound lessons.

1. Shadows

Shadows always seem to get a bad rap, but they are a beautiful thing on a hot summer day. They shield us from the heat. They remind us that there truly is opposition in all things - that even darkness has a place and a potential to do good. No one is ever completely lost.

2. The song of a bird

When was the last time you stopped to hear the melodious song of a bird? Birds are amazing creatures. They are constantly working and rarely rest. They are building their nests, foraging for food, flying from one place to the next and finding shelter from storms, yet birds are always singing. They are truly happy creatures. They teach that a cheerful spirit makes for a happy life as you bless the lives of those who hear the song of your heart.

3. The laughter of children

The laughter of children is a sound of pure joy, and once you hear it, you can't help but smile yourself. It is an instant mood changer. Children's laughter is a laughter of innocence. It teaches us the importance of focusing on the simple things and not letting the worries of the world weigh us down. Laughter really is the best medicine.

4. A breeze on a hot day

When the temperature is high, there is nothing more beautiful than a cool breeze rustling through the trees, cooling our skin and calming our senses. The whisper of the wind reminds us that God is there and that He will send relief when we need it.

5. The smile of a stranger

When we are out and about, seeing faces of worry all around us, it is truly a beautiful sight to see the smile of a stranger. Their smile reminds us that there is goodness in the world when we look for it, and that we should spread that goodness to others by remembering to smile ourselves.

6. Stars in the night sky

Stars truly are a wonder to behold. They are majestic and beautiful. Not only do they remind us of God, but they remind us that light does shine in darkness, and we can be that light for others.

7. Rain showers

To some, rain may seem gloomy, but if we look at rain through different eyes, it becomes a cool drink for the earth that brings growth to every living thing it touches. It is rain that makes the earth so vibrant and full of color. It is the rain that we rely upon for our own well-being.

8. The sun

The sun is one thing we can always rely on. We know, without a doubt, that the sun always rises and the sun always sets. It is beautiful that there is something so constant in our lives. It reminds us that there is another Son we can rely on - Jesus Christ, the Son of God - and whenever we need him, He will be there.

9. A child's hug

A child's hug is a sweet experience. Children love unconditionally, and when they give their hearts to you, they love you - imperfections and all. Their hugs are tight, warm and long because they put their whole hearts into loving others. They teach us that we, too, need to love as unconditionally and wholeheartedly as they do.

10. A good conversation

Life gets so busy that there is little time to sit down and talk. A good conversation is hard to come by, and that is the beauty of it. When you find someone who is willing to sit and take the time to talk with you, you know you have found a good friend. Good conversations teach us to make time for others, sharing moments of goodness and creating bonds that will last.

11. The new day

Every day, we are given a new chance at life. What a beautiful thing that is. Ask the person who is dying or someone who just lost a loved one - life is a gift, and we should never take it for granted. Create something beautiful with each day God grants you.

12. The irreplaceable you

You are a remarkable human being with a life mission to fulfill. You are a child of God. As such, you have the potential to do great things. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then open your eyes, and see the beauty you possess. Don't let the world define you. Become the person you know God meant for you to be. Changing the world begins by changing yourself.

Find lessons in the simple beauties of the world. They are there. You are the beholder - seek out the beauty in your own life and, more importantly, find the beauty in you.

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