It might seem like taking a second honeymoon isn't really an option at this point in your life. You have jobs, kids and responsibilities that make it seem impossible. But just because a second honeymoon seems out of reach, it doesn't mean it's not worth investing in. Here is a list of reasons taking a second honeymoon can make a world of difference:

1. Improve your love life

If your marriage is struggling, taking a second honeymoon could be just the right medicine. When you remove outside forces, you can focus on your relationship without distractions. It's an opportunity to rebuild both the emotional and physical intimacy in your marriage.

2. Be adults

Are you tired of pretending that it would the joy of your life to ride Dumbo yet again? And skipping Indiana Jones altogether because it's "too scary?" Well, when you go on a vacation with just your husband you can do exactly what the two of you want without having to factor in the needs of little ones.

3. Put your spouse first

It's essential that your spouse knows they're the most important person in your life. Choosing to set aside time to spend with just them shows that you value them and your marriage.

4. Improve relationships with others

Not only will a second honeymoon benefit you and your man, but other people will benefit as well. Just like airlines advise passengers to first put their own oxygen mask on so that they will be capable of helping those around them, if you want to have positive relationships with your children or other family members, you need to make sure your core relationship is healthy first.

5. Take a break

Life, am I right? Sometimes you just need to escape work, the kids and your to-do list. A second honeymoon is the opportunity to rejuvenate.

6. Be alone

Somehow your son knows all the "right" moments to knock on your door and tell you he's too afraid to sleep alone and can he just sleep with Mommy and Daddy for "one night?" In your hectic lives, it can be challenging to carve out moments of privacy. Take a second honeymoon and embrace all the privacy you need.

7. Get to know each other

You're married, so you know each other. But time has passed and you're different people. A second honeymoon offers the opportunity for the both of you to get to know your new selves. Bonus: Pretend you're going on a first date and ask each other all sorts of questions.

8. Talk about what really matters

In the daily grind, your conversations can become filled with things that are of short-term importance. When you remove yourselves from everyday pressures you are left with the opportunity to have valuable discussions that deepen and strengthen your relationship.

9. Make up for the first time

Your first honeymoon may not have met your expectations. Maybe after wedding expenses, you didn't have enough money to go further than the next town or maybe you got food poisoning and spent the rest of the week puking. No matter what happened, if your first honeymoon wasn't everything you dreamed, give it a second chance.

10. Relive the first time

On the other hand, maybe your first honeymoon was everything you could have hoped and more. In that case, you have every reason to relive all that was wonderful.

11. See how far you've come

A second honeymoon is a fun opportunity to reflect on how far you've come since the first honeymoon. You are older and wiser and your relationship is older and wiser as well.

12. Fall in love all over again

Best of all, a second honeymoon is the opportunity to fall in love all over again. After reading all these reasons to take a second honeymoon, you're probably already imagining you and your honey cuddling on a warm beach or kissing in Times Square.

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