If there's only two things I know to be true in the world, it's this: Wonder Woman is the coolest superhero in the world and Moms can do literally anything.

Therefore, your Mom is Wonder Woman because she's your hero and the best hero there ever was and will be. Here's just a short list of reasons why:

1. There is nothing she cannot find

She must have x-ray vision because if you can't find something, there's a 100% guarantee she will find it.

2. Her hugs and kisses will make everything better

When you were just a little kid, those little kisses on the bumps and bruises you got after playing too hard were the only cure to make you feel better.

3. She has super strength

I'm pretty sure it's all those years of carrying kids on her hips, diaper bags and baby carriers galore.

4. When she's happy, there is world peace

When Mom's happy, everyone's happy. I'm pretty sure if Mom could share that happiness with the rest of the world, there would be world peace. Because there's peace enough in our home.

5. When she's angry, don't get in her way

When Mom is angry, it's best you stay out of her way. Because nothing will stop her from using her angry powers to rectify anything that went wrong. Most importantly, if you did something wrong, she will make sure you know it so you can be better next time.

6. She is a genius

If you're ever stumped on your homework or a problem, she will work with you and help you figure it out.

7. She will share her wisdom whenever you ask

Who better to ask for advice than your mom, a superhero? Her words of wisdom will not only give you strength, but the power to overcome your own demons and villains.

8. All of those soccer games, dance lessons, etc

I'm pretty sure Mom had a time machine because how she got us to all of those games, lessons, performances not only on time, but early, was a miracle in itself. One of her powers has to be time travel. It just has to be.

9. She has her weaknesses

There will be times when she's felt weak, and she can't do it all, but your mom always triumphs. She works through the hard times and makes those weak things strong, making her the coolest superhero you know.

10. Her family is always first

Just like Wonder Woman, who always puts people first, Mom puts you and the rest of her family first. She makes sure that you're okay and your family has all their needs met before she does anything for herself. She definitely deserves a nice relaxing break, because she has done so much for you.

11. You don't even know everything she's done for you

Every superhero has sacrificed something in order to help someone. Your mom surely sacrificed lots of things in order to give you the best life possible. How can you ever repay her? Simply being kind to her, loving her and paying that love forward.

12. She believes in you

You believe in your mom as your hero, and knowing that she believes in you too, basically means you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

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