Sisters are the best - even though they can also be the worst. But at the end of the day, you feel pretty lucky you get to have an amazing woman like her in your life.

Here is list of reasons you are mighty blessed to have her in your life:

1. You never have to explain yourself

With some of your other friends, you have to explain yourself because they don't know the background for your actions. You sister knows all of your past, so she understands you extremely well. It's pretty great because you can be you with no judgment from her.

2. She builds your character

She did plenty of wonderful things that taught you to be a better person but even those tough moments (like that time she blamed you for breaking the China hutch) all went into building the person you are today.

3. You can brag about stuff and it's not even bragging

When you have something that you just have to tell someone because it's so incredible but you can't because most people don't take self-promotion too kindly, you call your sister. You can tell her anything, and it's not actually bragging. As a bonus, she's pretty psyched about your successes as well.

4. Your forgiveness knows no threshold

It doesn't matter what she did. It doesn't matter how mad you are. Eventually, you're going to forgive her. It's inescapable.

5. She's your role model

Basically, you want to be her. The crazy thing is that she looks up to you too.

6. She has your back

No one had better mess with you because they're messing with her too. She will support you, be your partner in crime and have your back no matter what.

7. She calls you on your crap

You can't get away with anything because she will tell you like it is. You're just glad you can trust her to be honest with you.

8. You aren't even jealous of her success

You are too excited for her success to be jealous of them. And honestly, you've been with her every step of the way so her wins feels like wins for you too.

9. She believes in your dreams

Maybe your dreams to go to college or become a professional dancer seem entirely unreachable to you. But she knows they're possible. And she knows you so well that you start to believe they're possible too.

10. She keeps your secrets

She is your No. 1 confidant because you know you can trust her to keep your most personal secrets safe.

11. She gives the best advice

You bring all your biggest messes and heartaches to her because she is the person you can trust to give you the direction you need.

12. She's the only person who TRULY gets you

There's somethings you try and explain to people but words are insufficient. But with your sister, that's OK. You don't need the perfect words because she's essentially your soul sister.

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