Growing up, our house had a phone that hung on the kitchen wall.

My mom liked to chat on the phone with her friends during the day. She would walk around the house and talk with her friends while my brother and I caused trouble where her phone couldn't reach.

We knew if we were arguing, we would hear, "Would you two kids cut it out?! I'm on the PHONE!"

These are happy memories of mine. My mom was teaching us the value of friendship by making time to talk with her friends.

If you have a best friend who fits the characteristics on this list, be sure to share this post with her today and let her know she's amazing. Here are 12 signs you have the best friend a person could ask for:

1. She loves me for who I am

My best friend loves me for who I am. She supports my positives and encourages me to pursue my dreams. She's the first one to say, "You've totally got this!" At times she believes in me more than I believe in myself.

2. She does not judge me

While we don't always agree on every debate, my friend is not judgemental toward me. She accepts our differences and understands the choices I've made in my life.

If anyone in life has seen my flaws it's her, but she is willing to accept and love me anyway.

3. She will tell me the truth

While it might be painful to hear at first, she loves me enough to tell me the truth when I need to hear it. Many acquaintances will tell me what I want to hear, but she is honest with me in a loving way, whether it's about my outfit, my attitude or my life choices.

4. She has my back

During tough times, she goes the extra mile for me. When others seem to drop away, she is the one who stays by my side. Whether in small ways or in emotional ways, she is with me no matter what.

If someone spoke against me, my best friend would stick up for me every single time.

5. She is there for me

I know I could call her in the middle of the night and she would come. And I could totally ask her to gulp clean my bathroom in an emergency and she would do it without judgement.

6. She listens

She has probably heard me say the same things over and over until she had my phrases memorized. Yet she continues to listen because she knows I need to say things over and over to think through them.

When I need to vent my frustrations, my friend understands and doesn't chastise me. She gets that I am just venting and I really do love my husband and kids.

7. She laughs with me

We have so much fun together! Sometimes it's just over silly stuff, but we have had some great times. We understand inside jokes that other people just don't get and they never will.

You just had to be there!

8. She partners with me

My best friend and I have things in common. We meet to work, exercise, watch our kids, volunteer or just visit.

It helps so much to know I'm not alone and have someone else to share with who gets what I'm going through.

9. She shows me her messes and accepts mine

My best friend withholds judgement when I haven't showered in four days and my house hasn't been vacuumed for weeks. When she picks me up for a drive, we joke about the old french fries that would feed an army in the back of her car.

10. She gives the best hugs

When I need a hug, my best friend gives the best ones. She holds my hand or brushes my hair because she knows how much I love that. She's not afraid to reach out and show how much she cares about me with a gentle touch of support.

11. She splurges with me

Whether it's a huge chocolate dessert or a day of shopping, we all need a treat day sometimes! My best friend is the one I call to say, "That's it! I'm treating myself to a shopping trip and a huge chocolate sundae. Want to come along?"

And she will.

12. My best friend points me to back to God

Walk with the wise and become wise...

Proverbs 13:20

Most of all, my best friend encourages me to trust in God. She shares her own faith, struggles and joys. She encourages me to want to dig into my faith more deeply.

These are 12 signs you have the best friend a person could ask for. Do you have an amazing friend? Share this post with her today and tell her thank you.

Editor's note: This article originally appeared on Sara Borgstede's blog, It has been republished here with permission.

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