Every generation has own unique set of trends when it comes to baby names. You know what kinds of names you'll run into in a nursing home, and they'll probably vary from the names you'd see in a high school.

But as we see in clothing, trends tend to make their comeback. Here are 12 vintage names that are coming back into fashion:

Means "pledged to God."

This sweet name is derived from the name "Elizabeth," and it maintains the elegant, classy style while giving it a sweet flare.

Means "lovable."

Is there any better definition for your bundle of joy?

Means "shining light"

When your little angel was born, the world got a little brighter.

Means "tribe of women."

After seeing Wonder Woman, is anything more empowering than a tribe of women?

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Means "renowned warrior"

Your baby is going to need a strong name to match her strong personality.

Means "bay laurel"

The perfect name for a sweet girl who loves going a little green.

Means "bald, hairless"

Maybe it's fitting for your smooth-headed little man - and if it's not, it's a sweet tribute to a boy and his best friend Hobbes.

Means "universal"

A sweet name with a grand definition for your strong son.

Means "gift of God"

God gave you this incredible little gift, so what name could be a better fit?

Fofura esse Dudu! #newborn #newbornphoto #newbornbh #baby #babyphotographer

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Means "olive tree"

Olive trees symbolize peace and unity - and that's all you want for your sweet boy.

Peacefully sleeping ?

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Means "from laurentum"

Laurentum is an ancient Roman city. And considering Rome was the greatest empire to exist, your son is destined for greatness.

Means "valley"

A sweet name for someone who loves exploring the rolling hills.

These names are just irresistible! Which ones are your favorite?

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