Rain Day

Is lousy weather keeping your family cooped up inside? With no playground, no bike rides, or no sports, what are your children supposed to do all day? Rainy days are enough to send any mom into a tailspin. But don’t stress out just yet! There are a lot of fun, and engaging activities your child can do inside that will keep them entertained for hours. You will not have to stick a TV or iPad in front of them with these exciting rainy-day activities.

Play outside anyways.

Rather than complain about the weather, could you take advantage of it? Children enjoy jumping in puddles and splashing in the rain. Find your cute rain boots and join in for an added family bonding bonus.

Bake a new recipe.

Spending time in the kitchen is an excellent way for families to bond. Dub your children the “assistant bakers” in the kitchen to help them feel important and involved. Then, hit the internet and look for easy to make cookies, cakes, or other sweet treats. Your kids will have fun learning the new skills it takes to make a delectable dish.

Build a fort.

What kid doesn’t want to build a fort in their living room? This will entertain children for hours, because just about any activity, from reading to toys, is more fun under a giant blanket fort. Grab the biggest sheets you can find to make it spacious. Children will be begging to keep it up long after the rain stops.

Have a game night.

Breakout the old board games that are getting dusty on the shelf and spend the afternoon playing as a family. Show your kids the classics you loved, like “Sorry!”, “Candyland” or “The Game of Life”. It will keep them away from looking at the TV all day.

Throw a dance party.

Need your children to get out all their extra energy? A great way to get them moving is by throwing a concert right in your living room. Use your favorite music streaming app and queue up 30 minutes’ worth of your children’s favorite songs. Have them dress up in their most star-struck outfit for even more fun. They will be dancing the afternoon away.

Decorate appreciation notes.

When is the last time your child sent their grandparents a piece of art or wrote a thank you note to their teachers? Break out the craft box and have your children write and decorate notes to send to people they care about. Your kids will feel great getting to distribute them the next day.

Hit a local museum, library, or similar.

If you must get out of the house, take your children on a field trip to a museum, library, aquarium, escape room, or similar. The possibilities are endless. Some cities even have indoor gyms dedicated just for kids to play in. A quick Google search will give you ideas of what is available around you.

Tidy up the playroom.

This might seem like a chore, but if you get your kids involved, it can go quickly. It will also teach children the importance of donating old toys to other kids who are in need. As kids find toys they have not engaged with in a while, they might start to find fresh ways to entertain themselves. Be wary – as they start playing with “long-lost” toys, you might be finishing cleaning on your own!

Learn to draw.

Children have huge imaginations and lots of creativity. Help them learn something new by Googling “How to draw…” and finding whatever fun design your kids like. You will be surprised how easy it is to draw a car, dinosaur, or unicorn. They can pick and choose which colors and materials they want to use as they practice.

Put on a play.

Need to get some work done without your kids jumping on your back? Grab your kids up and tell them to put on a play for you. You can give them direction on what the performance can be about or let them run with their imagination. Tell them that you want the whole shebang from costumes to props. Once they have it all done, take time to watch their play. Do not forget to film it!

Host a read-a-thon.

If your kids are a bit older, this activity might be great for them. Set a challenge to see how many chapters or books can be read in a span of time. Regardless of how much they finish, be sure to praise your kids or give them a small reward. This will help them stay off their phones, too.

Go through old photo albums.

Kids like to learn about their family history, hear stories about their young childhood, or relive some of their favorite vacation memories.  Break out several photo albums you want to go through. Each child can take one and pick three of their favorite photos. Then as a family, you can talk about each picture and tell the story behind them.

Paper airplane races.

Which airplane design will go the furthest? Have your kids pick the type of paper they want to use and help them fold into an airplane as necessary. They can design the aircraft too, but remind them any gems or pom balls might affect their chances! Test their distance over several races to determine the true winner.

Rainy days can seem like such a burden, but they do not have to be. These fun activities will keep your family going despite not having time to play outside. You also will bond together more because of it.

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