In all honesty, parenthood is pretty rad every day of the year, but Halloween brings a whole host of awesome for parents. As it turns out, your kids are cuter than any costume accessory you could buy, plus you have a "built-in" sidekick. Whether you are at home with the tiny ones to pass out candy or going out with the older kids for trick or treating, you all are going to be the best-dressed ghouls this side of the graveyard.

Pop, pop

Dress up your baby with a popcorn cap and a striped onesie (or baby carrier), and you've got the most adorable accessory for your Orville Redenbacher costume.

Ninja Turtles

Bonus points if you can get all four of the Ninja Turtles, but two of 'em make quite the costume. Add in pizza for dinner if you are looking for authenticity.

Little chef

Dress up in a chef's smock and hat, and you've got the perfect accessory. Put your cute little lobster on your hip (or in one of those giant pots), and you are ready to go.

Lost sheep?

Don't lose this little lamb. A Little Bo-Peep costume is the perfect excuse to dress up your snuggle bug in those cute fuzzy lamb ears.

Look at me! Look at me!

Take a leaf out of Dr. Seuss's book, and dress up as The Cat in the Hat with your trusty sidekicks, Thing 1 and Thing 2. Add some personality with a blue Tutu and some fun face makeup, and you are set.

Enjoyed the party this evening! These guys were on point! Hahaha #drsuess #thing1thing2 #catandthehat

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Cast Away

Put movie night to good use, and dress up like a favorite film duo. Wilson the volleyball is a perfect option for your little kiddo.

Wilson and this Castaway!!! #castaway #wilson #tomhanks #pregnantcostume #halloweencouplecostumes

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M&M mom

Put on matching shirts for the family, and make your own bag of M&M's.

A side of bacon, please

As it turns out, eggs and bacon are delicious and make the cutest Halloween costume.

It's me, Mario!

Swap out Mario for Luigi (but don't forget the mustache!), or add any one of the cast of characters from this video game for a great parent/child costume that is oh so cute.

Star Wars

This timeless classic has to make its way into your Halloween celebrations.

Death Star

Just in case your little guy isn't here yet, you can still indulge in some Star Wars Halloween action for the best way to dress up your baby bump.

Baby barista

Don a hat and snag a coffee from your favorite cafe, and you've got an easy costume that's also a show stopper.

So, have a little fun this year with your costume and your kids. Your kiddos will love to see Mom and Dad dress up to match their costumes.

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