About 99 percent of parenthood involves a lot of guesswork and the hope that we aren't messing our kids up too badly. That final percent is when we have those moments of pure genius when the world finally makes sense and we know we got something right, like when you have a breakthrough in teaching your teenage son how important deodorant is or your toddler daughter finally eats something besides peanut butter sandwiches for lunch.

Here are a few more of those brilliant parenting moments crystallized here so that parents everywhere can feel like geniuses more often.

The preschool week outfit selection

Save yourself those minutes of the day you'd normally spend telling your kids to hurry up before they're all late for school and instead, spend them sipping a refreshing glass of lemonade or
taking a five-minute breathing break on the back porch.

The 'do unto others' trick

Just watch the cogs in a teenage boy's head turn when you issue him this warning. When his eyes widen with a mix of revulsion and fear, you'll know he understands.

The get-along shirt

That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? If siblings can survive sharing a shirt, they can survive anything.

The traveling snack tray

Keep things interesting on your next car trip with this crazy smorgasbord of snacks sure to satisfy even the pickiest child. Another option for bigger kids: fill the compartments with small game pieces or folded word or sudoku puzzles.

The babysitter cheat sheet

Amaze your next babysitter and keep your kids safe and accountable by filling out and posting this cheat sheet where everyone can see it.

The in-flight goodie bag

Flying with infants is tough enough without having annoyed glances continually thrown your way by your neighboring seatmates. Help to alleviate their discomfort with these goodie bags and maybe they'll be more understanding when the inevitable get-me-out-of-this plane infant whining ensues.

The Wi-Fi password chore list

It's time to take control back over how much time your kids spend online. You might even find that for once, your kids will actually ask you if they can do their chores. Other parents have used a similar idea for allowing their kids to earn screen time.

The crib desk

Parental repurposing at its finest. Nostalgia and utility all rolled into one.

The lost child bracelet

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Maybe also try this as a keychain on your child's backpack or looped on a belt loop (in case your child isn't crazy about bracelets or has a habit of pulling it off).

The road trip clips

Could it really be possible? A road trip with no yelling?

The new and improved baby playpen

You know whoever once said, "Necessity is the mother of invention," must have been a parent.

The precision aiming target

Mothers of boys everywhere will know immediately what this is for and why it is a much better idea than floating Cheerios. (Here's a hint: floating objects tend to drift.)

The golden rules of online safety

My daughter is calling me all kinds of names this morning (in her head, of course)...bc I made her post this on her...

Posted by ReShonda Tate Billingsley on Wednesday, May 9, 2012

That's one good parent right there.

Knowing how to keep your kids safe online and enforcing it won't just protect them from online predators, it can keep them safe from identity theft and cyberbullying as well.

Visit Websafety for a few more brilliant tips designed to help parents protect their children and download the app to help have a parenting win of your own as you keep your kids safe online.

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