If you're a parent, a teacher, or if you've been anywhere around little kids, then you know they sometimes say some pretty weird stuff. Some of it they pick up from their parents or their friends, other times ... there's no way to know where they come up with the crazy things they say. Here are thirteen examples:

1. Sugar negotiations

2. Things this crossing guard overhears at the crosswalk

3. He lost his Lego man

4. Momma's boy

He loves me ???

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5. Life at the home of James Breakwell

6. A day in the life of a teacher

Third grade talks politics. ?? #government #politics #doomed #doomsday #election2016 #lol

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7. Fiction vs non-fiction castles

8. Real life Pokémon

She's brilliant. #thingskidssay #pokemongo

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9. Super baby!

10. Future TV chef

11. The night is too good

12. It's not a phone!

13. The cuteness factor

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