Kids are quick thinkers and can come up with many plans that usually involve some sort of disaster, so parents must be one step ahead - at all times.

This usually means parents have to come up with their own creative plans to keep some semblance of organization, or at least keep things semi-functional (who are we kidding, right?).

These ingenious parent tricks are what every parent needs.

1. This can occupy a child long enough for you to get something done

Day 2: Colour (crafty fun with pipe cleaners) #photoadayapril

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2. This is genius, but perhaps even more necessary for older kids

Desperate times! #ParentHacks

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3. Perfect recycled traveling snack box

4. How to "motivate" teens

5. Less-mess watermelon eating

6. Doubles as a playpen and art studio

7. Quick cleanup for small items - particularly if you're away from home

8. This is great, as long as you don't lose the key

Stumbled on this gem today on #facebook. Very clever #parenthacks #safeparenting #qualitytime #picoftheday #photooftheday

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9. Laundry basket in the bathtub for bathing ease

10. Every parent needs to see this

11. This is perfect...if you can get everyone to use the hooks

Day 3 of #Momhacks !! ? ? Mount a coat rack near the floor next to the door to hang #shoes ??to keep them out of the way!

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12. Drip catcher for summer popsicles

Keep fingers sticky free with this fancy ice lolly accessory (cupcake wrapper) #ParentHacks

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13. For the creative child

Parenting is never an easy job, but sometimes you can make it a little easier with fun activities! #ParentHacks

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14. This may just be the most vital parent trick. Keep the chocolate safe

Too funny!!!!! ?????? #comedy #funny #parenthacks #mommyproblems #momlife #gottatrythis #mommyblogger

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Parenting is the best, but it's also super hard. Think smart and use a few parent hacks to make things easier. What are some of your tricks? Let us know in the comments!

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