My beautiful daughter,

Since the day you were born, I knew my heart had quadrupled in size. Your radiant smile and innocent giggle have made me view the world differently. You have and will continue to change my life forever. I know I will never be the mom you deserve, but I DO know God had a plan when he so gently placed you into my life.

You, my sweet girl, are my forever best friend. You may not know it now, and we will more than likely have A LOT of hardships to get there ... but we are destined. On our path, I will punish you to help you learn right from wrong. There will be days we will disagree. Moments you will not understand why I do the things I do. You will think it is because I don't love you or simply want to make your life miserable, but trust me, the decisions I make are only to benefit you.

The day I became a mom, I realized exactly why my mom did and said the things she did. You will understand me the day you become a mom. Because I know how life can be, I want to be open with you. I want to share my struggles through life and lessons I have learned on the way. I know there will be times I will be the last person you will want to come to, but just know I am here. I will be here with an open ear and a nonjudgmental heart. Just know I won't always say the right things and I will make mistakes, but I will try with every fiber in me to steer you in the right direction. You are my redbird. Redbirds never leave the ones they love.


The world will try to strip you of your confidence. It will try to convince you the photoshopped woman in the magazines and on TV is what you should look like in order to be beautiful. Don't be fooled. Find the beauty I have seen in you since the day you were born. The beauty of your smile, the beauty in your big brown eyes, the beauty in your loving personality, the beauty in your perfect little laugh, and the beauty in your heart. I know what you will say, "You are going to say that because you are my mom". Yes, I am your mom, which means I HAVE seen your beauty for as long as you have been on this earth.

Love and Fear God

When you prioritize your life, NO MATTER what, keep God first. He is the ONLY one who can save you. The FIRST one you should talk to when you have a horrible day or need advice. He will love you like no other human can, and trust me that is hard for me to say as your mom. I LOVE you so much it hurts, so knowing God loves you more is hard to fathom. Remind yourself daily that He knows it all. And ask yourself, "Is this what I want to be doing when He returns?"

Know Your Worth

Don't let a single soul or act make you feel unworthy. You are God's daughter .... enough said. You will run into people in life that are different than you. People who will want you to feel inferior. Always remember those people usually have insecurities themselves. Pray for them. Pray for yourself. Focus on your strengths and don't dissect yourself. You are beautiful.

Be Genuine

Be the girl I know you can be. Love those around you despite how different they may be. Don't be in a clique and look down on others. Give without accepting anything in return. Listen to people. No TRULY listen and respond. Smile, not because you have to, but because you want to and can. Don't be the girl who is kind when it benefits you or gossips behind your friend's back. It isn't you. You are the beautiful girl. You are the difference maker. You are the one God will look down on and nod because he is proud. Be the girl I KNOW you can be.

Don't Let a Man Determine your Choices

Growing up, boys will come and go. Remember through all your relationships ... STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF. I have made plenty of mistakes in my dating life. I made choices based on the guy instead of what was right. The guys didn't stick, but my mistakes will never be forgotten. Pick the guy that makes you want to be a better you. The guy that makes you smile, opens your door, brings you flowers, truly listens to you, gives you the "I love you" look, makes you feel beautiful when you don't even try, and the guy who puts God before you. You will know when you meet him. I did. It's your dad.

Find the Beauty in Everything and Everyone

This world is full of darkness. It can be full of regret and hate. Try your best to find the beauty behind all the rubbish. Everyone has beauty in them. We were all made from the same Creator. Some have just let the enemy win more than others. If you focus on the beauty in life, you will be the flame in a dark tunnel. This world could use more of those people.

Be a Godly Wife/Mom

As you know, I was not the perfect mom or wife. I will never be perfect nor will I pretend to be. You will not be perfect either. You will fall, but it is about the getting up that will make you stronger. Admit your mistakes and work to be better. Love your family. Love with EVERYTHING in you. NEVER turn your back on them. Show them what a Proverbs wife and mom looks like.

Be Humble

When you succeed, which you will, stay humble. Remember it is a gift you received from God and not your own human power. NEVER act better than others because they may not have what you have, share the same talent as you or be as beautiful as you are. Everyone has their own strengths. People run from arrogance and run towards those who are humble.

Find Your Independence

This world has changed so rapidly. From women not being able to vote to women running for president. Women can be whatever they want to be. Dream whatever they want to dream. Be the girl who makes goals and achieves. Reach for the stars even when they seem far away. You have fight in you .... trust me ... I KNOW.

Be Classy

If you want respect from men, stay classy. Try not to fall for the "in-style" look if that look leads to sin. You can still be the best-dressed girl and be fully covered. No, I am not saying you have to wear skirts that graze the floor or turtlenecks that touch your nose. I am just saying dress conservatively. You don't want to give men the wrong idea of your character.

Embrace the Mishaps

You will make mistakes. Some big ... some small. Remember you will be OK. Take those mistakes and learn from them. It will make you stronger. Mistakes are what shape us as humans. God can use them to make something beautiful.

Work Hard

No matter what you choose as your occupation, whether it be a stay-at-home mom or a nurse, be the best you can be. Laziness is not a flattering trait to possess. Study hard in school especially if you want to go to college. Work like you may lose your job tomorrow. BUT don't work so hard it will take you away from what is truly important (God and family).

Never Act on Emotions

Daughter ... girl ... hormones ... estrogen. We are full of emotions. It is up to us how we handle them. Tame your emotions. NEVER and I repeat ... NEVER act on emotion. Emotions will get you in trouble. Instead, wait and pray before you act or speak. There will be times in your life where you want to act, where you will want to scream at the top of your lungs to your enemies. Don't. You will regret those words. Those actions will send you down a dark path. Take time to breathe and pray. Act when you have a calm head.

Tame Your Tongue To Be Honest and Positive

Do what you say you are going to do. Sometimes all you have is your word with people. The one time you say you will do something and don't can create an image of disloyalty. Tame your tongue to be honest with itself. Don't lie to get yourself out of trouble. Confessions are what builds trust. Keep your words honest, clean and positive. Your mouth pours out what your heart feels. If your heart is hurt, wait to speak. Work on your heart first. Whatever comes out of your mouth will then enter into your mind. It is a vicious cycle. Heart-tongue-mind ... back to heart-tongue-mind. Start with your heart and tame your tongue.

I love you my little redbird.


Editor's note: This article was originally published on The Forever Teacher. It has been modified and republished here with permission.

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