First kisses are typically a slobbery mess. You can't put two, unexperienced, hormonally driven teenagers together and not expect something awkward to come out of it.

But no matter how bad your first peck may have been, it probably pales in comparison to the following Reddit posts. Here are 14 epic first kiss stories in all their adolescent glory:

1. That's going to leave a mark

2. Smart girl

3. Ew

4. That's one way to put a damper on things

5. Taking away man cards, one kiss at a time

6. Ouch!

7. Mmmm, boogers!

8. Scaredy cat

Comment from discussion Awkward first kisses.

9. Duck!

10. That is seriously disgusting

11. Stay focused on the target

12. Gross

13. So sad!

14. Not romantic

How did your first kiss go? Share your story in the comments.

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