Don't let the rainy days get you down - they're actually the greatest. There's nothing better than listening to the rain and thunder or watching the lightning light up the sky outside your window. Sometimes rain can throw a wrench in your plans, but it can also make for the most productive days indoors. Rainy days give you a bunch of excuses to cozy up and be a little lazy, and lets you spend time with friends and family. These 14 reasons why rainy days are the best days will have you wishing for a rainstorm.

1. Splashing in the puddles

When life gives you a rainy day... play in the puddles! ☔️ #royaltyimages #canon #canonbringit #puddles #rainyday

A photo posted by Jose Leon (@ninjacookies408) on

2. Playing in the water

Nay found the fun in her first hurricane! #hurricane #hurricanematthew #firsthurricane #playintherain

A photo posted by Garrett Chappell (@g_wade_c) on

3. Wearing warm clothes

Loved shooting this beautiful face today in the rain! Clothes @patagoniareno

A photo posted by Angela Nunnink (@angelanunninkphotography) on

4. Drinking hot chocolate

5. Cozying up by the fire

6. Reading a book

I ain't moving #weekend #lazysaturday #rainyreads #cloudatlas #books #fiction

A photo posted by Nicolas Lafrance (@niclafrance) on

7. Listening to the sound of rain and thunder

8. Watching lightning from your window

A photo posted by trashhand (@trashhand) on

9. It's cleansing and refreshing

10. Rain makes the earth look awesome

M O A B - U T A H | #utilizemedia

A photo posted by Ian McAlpine (@ianmcalpine) on

11. ...Super awesome

12. It's absolutely incredible

Early morning scenic drive.

A photo posted by Bryan Castaneda (@bryan.castaneda) on

13. Can you believe how beautiful it is?

A photo posted by trashhand (@trashhand) on

14. There's always a rainbow after a big storm

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